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    Originally posted by judoka_uk View Post
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      Originally posted by Styygens View Post
      OK, Tenchijin no Maki (TCJNM) is about as close as it comes to a standardized curriculum, but even that is meant for the teacher to use as a "guide" not a rigid lesson plan. It pulls from all of the ryuha, but yes, there is a lot of Gyokko Ryu in there.

      You've asked an excellent question about alteration of training methods.

      I am a senior student at my Booj class. I have some slight influence, but not any real control, over the teaching. I am occassionally allowed to teach a class. I have pushed, prodded, and cajoled to alter the training -- it's slow.

      The main change came when the Booj head instructor picked up BJJ as a side-interest. He immediately realized the first problem was fitness and sought to fix that with us. Then he schooled us with his blue belt skills. Since then, all the instructors and the senior students have gone on to earn blue belts in BJJ. The school solution was to add BJJ to the curriculum. Now we have a core group at Blue Belt level in BJJ, and any students not taking pure BJJ classes are getting crappling instruction during regular classes.

      There are serious growing pains here. I can see that the instructors are busy reinventing the wheel, and due to the investment of time and effort in the Booj -- and also the relationships they have built -- they are not willing to make all the necessary changes. They think BJJ can simply be added to BBT when that's not exactly the case. As Shinbushi pointed out, there's no need to reinvent the wheel.

      My personal training has changed. I spend far more time per week in BJJ and my Contemporary Jeet Kune Do (JKD) classes and training than I do with Booj. If you want to know why I stay at all, it is primarily because I really enjoy the people in my Booj class. As I explore other arts, I have yet to find anything that wasn't touched on in Booj; so for me (and YMMV) Booj has provided an excellent background in theory. But it does not produce skill in the same way an Alive art can.
      Interesting. We touched on another club called BBD (Bujinkan Brian Dojo) here or on another thread recently. They basically did the same thing as what you are talking about but they took it to very extreme places. He spent some time training with Ishizuka and Hatsumi in the early days so he found it easier to mix the Buj with his own styles. He had a lot of tough guys in his club who were involved in hurting people on a regular basis in their day/night jobs so the foundations of the club were completely different to what you find in the typcail modern Buj club. Ultimately the aliveness that he injected and the pressure testing morphed the style into something else. Through lot's of full contact kyokushin style sparring with no gloves or shin pads it became apparent that ichimonji was no good for stand up trading strikes. He used it in some techniques but he also tweaked the stance completely to how it was used in Japan to allow faster movement and use of kicks (he had a karate and kick boxer background). The grappling we did was a mix of judo and Buj arm locks and chokes - loads of randori, great at the time but crude in comparisson to modern MMA clubs although I believe he has introduced a lot more MMA and BJJ into the curriculum now. He even created a rigid curriculum which every member got that showed all the techniques, kata, stances and skills required to get to shodan.

      When he left the Bujinkan organisation (he kept the BBD name) he came under a lot of fire from Buj purists who said he was 'doing it all wrong'. However, looking back at it now he was the only one out there pushing things into the alive zone.

      Here's a taste of grappling at the BBD, it's not up to the standard of a serious BJJ or MMA club but in terms of the Buj it's leagues ahead - you can see though that it is no longer anything like what the Bujinkan actually teaches The weapons and stand up striking side of things include lashings of ninjaness and lots of alive sparring (including kendo with shinai!).

      Thought you might this interesting:
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