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    Originally posted by TaeBo_Master View Post
    To keep it simple... when you enter to the physiological state that accompanies vigorous exercise, your body prioritizes bloodflow to the musculoskeletal system, and away from less important organs (in that moment) such as the digestive tract. Essentially, your digestion gets put on pause, so instead of things moving down the line, they just stay where they are, which makes them that much more prone to coming back up.
    Perfect post.

    My 11 yr. old has PE right after lunch and, lately, the coach has been having them run on the mile and a half track.
    At 1PM.
    In August.
    In Arizona.

    The boy was saying he feels like he is going to puke and the coach telling him, "that's the way you are supposed to feel" and I needed to explain why he would only feel that way when running that much 20 minutes after eating.


      In my experience, the best advice is to eat a very little bit. Just enough to not feel hungry, but no more. Definitely not enough to have any significant reserve in the stomach. And to give at minimum 20-30 minutes after eating before exercise (if you only at that small amount). Longer if you ate any substantial amount, at least an hour.

      Of course, some of this will vary depending on the individual. The above is what works for me. Nothing wrong with a little personal experimentation.
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        I tend to have a sensible lunch, then 1-2 bananas an hour before I train. I don't like training feeling hungry but then stuffing yourself and training is a receipe to puke. I found working on my cardio helps - I'm not just talking jogging - I aim to do something that gets me really out of breath - spinting up a hill/circuit training.

        Failing that - take a sick bag and some wet wipes.



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