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    Erm... Hello :)

    Hello there I'm Sovvolf and well... I guess this is my first post on the website. My profile may have been active since around Christmas time when I visited this site however I guess I forgot about this place. However after reading a few threads, I've seen that this place has a few interesting characters and I'd like to be a part of this community.

    Not sure if I leave a real name here or not (not sure if that's against the rules, read the rule thread and didn't see it mentioned but just to be on the safe side I'll avoid that for the moment but I'd be quite happy to reveal it as I've got no qualms with people knowing who I am).

    I'm a 20 year old unemployed lad from the South Yorkshire town of Barnsley in the UK. I enjoy martial arts as one of my favourite hobbies (along with watching MA movies and such... Guess just the geekiness in me :)) been doing martial arts on and off since I started college in 2007/8 time I think (really poor when it comes to dates and I will apoligise for that) sadly that doesn't make me as experienced as one might think with that amount of time. With having very little money to actively train while also trying to fund college it meant I couldn't train actively and I probably only did a grand total of a few months in that time.

    Anyway this message seems to be getting a little long for a simple introduction so basically I'm training TKD, MMA, kickboxing and Iaido at the MSTA in Barnsley been doing so since around October time of last year but sadly I had to stop around March time for reasons that I'd like to keep to myself at this moment. However recently got back into it and happy I'm doing what I love.

    So well that's me for now, happy to be honest with more of the people here about anything you need to know. Don't be shy on asking I'd say I'm mostly a pleasant fellow and don't like to be rude or impolite. I look forward to posting more in the community and I hope you'll have me here. Thanks again.
    "BJJ!!! Guard can't protect you from collapsing gym roof, tough guy!" - W. Rabbit




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