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    I know this is off topic but how the hell do I start a forum on this site?

    You don't. The subforums are pre-set based on specific categories of discussion.

    If you mean how do you start a thread; then what you do is enter the subforum you wish to start it in. From there, there should be a big red button that says "Post a New Thread". Can't miss it.

    Edit: In the future, ask such questions either in Newbietown or via PM with one of the moderators. This thread is in the TCMA forum, which is a topical forum. As such, all conversations within this forum need to be related to the topic of the forum. If they're not, your posts will either get moved (best case), or you'll get an infraction. Certain sections, such as Trollshido and YMAS are fair game, you can talk about absolutely anything with no consequences (just no pr0n pics plz). Newbietown is usually the best place to make introductions and ask questions about anything. It's specifically for newbies, and trolling is not allowed, so you can ask things in safety.

    To the moderator of this forum, I apologize for the derail. To everyone else, let's keep the conversation on topic
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