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    Ah, sorry, I missed that part.
    I'm going to Mount Allison University, NB, Canada.

    No, I'm not trying to find reasons not to do MA. I'm asking what MA poses the least amount of risk in regards to the fingers and wrist. I'm ok with injuries elsewhere, if I had to have one.

    Thanks for the other advice. Also, deleting other thread.


      I had a friend who wanted to train with me, but his mom wouldn't allow it because he was an art student. He ended up taking saber fighting in college.....and recently commissioned a statue for a cathedral. I guess it all worked out for him. I don't really know what kind of dexterity adverse effects breaks have...I would imagine some kind of carpal tunnel or tendonitis would be more likely to effect you...I don't really know, just curious what you think.


        From my personal experience Kendo was the MA which caused me the least injury to hands, very good workout and brilliant stress buster.
        Can be hard on elbows though, expensive for kit and the club kit usually has an aroma of it's own.
        Any striking is inherently high risk to hands obviously...


          Good luck for me guys!

          Apparently, several clubs here had closed, including judo and wrestling.

          However, there's now a BJJ club, which I have signed up for, and is a lot easier in regards to wrist and fingers than judo.





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