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Unsubstantiated Rumors are good enough (for me to base my life on)

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    Unsubstantiated Rumors are good enough (for me to base my life on)

    or something like that ;)

    short time reader, first time poster

    glad to have found this place, seems like it might be a good place to talk technique when i actually have some x.X

    earlier this year (after fantasizing about being a "fighter" for months) i attended the first martial arts class i'd been to since being an ATA kid at the age of 8. Im 26 now, and it was a hell of a time. A friend of mine recommended a school teaching multiple martial arts in the houston area, named fusion.

    Nothing bad to say about the place really, and do not intend to trash or implicate them in any way, just trying to relate my experiences (/disclaimer). I was interested in their judo/jiu jitsu class, which turned out to be a class taught by a judo black belt who focused a lot on newaza due to (i assume) BJJs popularity.

    Anyway, after a few months of training there, I guess began to feel that i was really more interested in learning BJJ from an actual BJJ instructor, and being that I live within 20 minutes of Draculino's school, the decision seemed obvious after some cursory research.

    To shorten an already too long story, my finacial situation changed drastically right around the time i intended to change schools, and am currently not training (have rolled once since this may). However, it's really all i can think about lately, and the only thing I feel like doing for fun anymore, so, in my desire to keep reading about this new passion of mine i found this forum, and figured I ought to introduce myself.

    TL;DR : very little martial arts experience, hoping to change that, very interested in grappling, wanted to say hi :)

    Hi. Enjoy Bullshido. Honestly, we're only dicks when people fail to accept reality. And as always, the best advice ever given here is when in doubt, lurk more, post less.
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      Welcome Sreen


        Thanks guys, I guess my intentions with joining here is mostly to keep my mind saturated with grappling/bjj/judo/etc knowledge while I'm unable to train, and hopefully get a few laughs in along the way.

        Regarding that whole " being a 'fighter' " business, I guess that was a little bit of self-deprecation. My interest in Martial arts had died alot after attaining a camo belt at the ripe age of 9, and didn't really re-awaken until about two years ago, when I was glued to my couch for a few days behind getting my wisdom teeth pulled out. The only MMA fight I had watched up to that point was Tito vs. Shamrock III and I was hammered and thought it was the stupidest thing I'd ever seen.

        I ended up watching like 8 hours straight of UFC unleashed re-runs while my face rehabilitated, and once I started noticing the interplay of the different styles in the fights, it was like I was a kid all over again. Reality for me is knowing I'm not gonna be a pro fighter, no matter how glamorous or sexy the idea seemed at first, I'm a 26 year old who hasn't worked less than 50 hours a week in the last 3 years, and I don't think I could possibly train enough.

        Anyway, enter BJJ: I was drawn to the submission game immediately and the more I watched, the more I became interested in training a grappling art. After my first class I was absolutely hooked, it's the deepest game I've ever played. The physical, spiritual, and competitive reasons are all there too, but bottom line for me is: rolling is fucking FUN

        Hope I can be a good member of this neat community you folks have got going here, thanks for letting me check it out
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          Working consistent 50 hour weeks, you got to get some release somewhere. BJJ will definitely do that for you. Welcome.


            If you can train with Draculino go fucking do it. Unless you have no job at all I bet you can make the cuts to junk food (coffee/beer) or entertainment to afford BJJ lessons.


              Originally posted by WhiteShark View Post
              If you can train with Draculino go fucking do it. Unless you have no job at all I bet you can make the cuts to junk food (coffee/beer) or entertainment to afford BJJ lessons.

              That's the plan man, I'm kind of in a different spot though, different cuts. Married, no kids yet, but we bought a house and two car notes a little too early y'know? Got a little too overzealous with the being grownups thing lol. Right now it's not the monthly fee that's holding me back, it's all the upfront money, registration fee + Gi's (plural cause i don't want to be a dirty mfer) + first month payment is a few hundred dollars, and i know it's totally high class problems, but that's alotta dough when i got a house to fix and etc etc blah blah blah.


              But this is something i really want to do, more than i've wanted to do anything really in a LONG time, so it's gonna happen. I've just got to make some sacrifices and bide my time on forums like this until it's truly time. I keep making the comparison that going anywhere else for bjj training would be like choosing to play at the YMCA instead of going to hakeem olajuwons school of hoops, I don't know that i'd ever let it go if i let this opportunity pass me by, and (afaik) I'm only gonna live once, so i'm gonna make the fucking most of it.



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