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    Newbie Ressurector!

    Hi mate,

    I have been training in KenSeiDo for 8 years and am currently a 2nd degree black belt, my lineage goes back to Tokyo, Japan and have no affiliation to the U.S branch. I compete in full contact and point sparring in Japan and go there for my gradings. I completely understand that KenSeiDo can seem 'soft' against other styles such as MMA/BJJ/Kick Boxing, the problem lies with the training syllabus and techniques, KenSeiDo as a form is called Sogo Budo (hybrid/mixed style martial arts). It focuses on YonoWaza(striking and locking), InoWaza(locks and throws) and NeWaza (grappling). In theory it should compete competently against other styles, the problem is how it's being trained.

    Our methodology of training is more combative than what you've been seeing on you tube, I was trained in a more aggressive dojo in Japan (as opposed to the passive like schools in the US) and that same training philosophy continues with our club in Sydney which has a high concentration of gym/dojos per capita. Our sessions are very physical and are about 3 hours long, starting from conditioning, renshu (both InoWaza/locks and YonoWaza/Strikes) Our YonoWaza is a hard style similar to Kyokushin and Kick Boxing and our InoWaza has influences of JuJutsu and Aikido.

    The difference between the Australian movement over the U.S dojos is the realism and the aliveness of the training, our drills are not compliant and after 30 minutes of pad work we then work on our Randori (sparring) the first part of our Randori is the InoWaza, this could be likened to TachiWaza of Judo, we regularly have trainees of other styles such as BJJ, Judo and wrestling learn our InoWaza as it is highly effective. The next part of our Randori is NeWaza, this is obviously a less effective style to Judo or BJJ but have the same back bone of Jujutsu, eg arm bars and arm triangles(JuJi Gatame and Ude Sankaku Jime). We finally finish off the training with either Bogu(full contact) or Sundome(point) Randori.

    Our philosophy is we train very hard as if we were to fight or compete the next day, against other people with martial arts backgrounds such as BJJ or MMA. If we set our bench mark to that level then we will be able to rumble with the best of them.

    Hope this gives you a bit more inside of KenSeiDo as it's not always 1 dimensional as you might see on youtube.



    That thread is almost a year old. Thank you for trying to add to it but I think maybe you should just start your own thread as to not get dragged into the other conversation.



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