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My very own first thread.

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    My very own first thread.

    Aren't I lucky! I have my own thread!

    Well what should I say?

    Stats i guess?

    Training: 7 years of wasting my time with GKR... One black belt later and I am older and wiser. I'm currently making a foray into San Da, training twice a week and loving it so far!

    I am having some issues though and maybe someone can help me: I am terribad at sparring. I have some seriously bad habits from my time with GKR, I find it really hard to move forwards and not close up my guard and panic...

    Any tips from the more experienced MAists?

    Either way, HI! I hope to be a somewhat okayish member of this little fiesta!

    whattup tomalom.

    I'd say don't consider your time w GKR a total waste as you no doubt gained some fundamentals, discipline, and patience.

    About sparring, I'm no authority, but I'd say just keep at it. The more you lose the more you'll probably learn. Repetition should help with the panic.

    About closing your guard, I'd recommend shadowboxing more so you get used to moving the way you want.


      Welcome to Bullshido. You'll probably get more comfortable with sparring after you've taken lots of shots and know that they're not going to kill you.


        Hmm that's good to know. Ill just keep taking the shots and trying to give some back in that case!


          Welcome tomalom. I wish I could give more specific advice for sparring, but all I can think of is that it will take some reps to get used to getting hit in the face. It also helps if the sparring partners are relaxed and don't try to bash you.


            Yeh the more experienced guys are pretty good for that, holding off with the heavy stuff. To be honest I'm happy to take it, the only thing that really pisses me off is when I don't fight as well as I can. The instructors know what they're talking about and we've had some decent competition success so I know I'm not wasting my time again...


              All newbies suck at sparring. I used to box and recently took up Muay Thai and even I suck at sparring despite the parallels in punching. You don't spar just to have fun play-fighting, though. You spar to get better at sparring. When you go into a sparring session, since you're new, make sure you're making an effort to work on a specific skill during your session. If your defense sucks, try focusing on your defense during sparring. Let your sparring partner know what you want to work on and I'm sure they'll be more than happy to help you out and tell you when you're doing something right or wrong and how to improve.
              "Intelligence is nothing more than discussing things with others. Limitless wisdom comes of this." - 山本 常朝


                Will do, I've read the stickies on the topic (Newbies STFU and Train) Which says pretty much the same thing :)



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