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      Where I'm from the most expensive Judo place is 90/month for five times a week, and if you go at least twice a week every fourth month is free. So I pay 67.50/month. The ones run out of the YMCA is like 40/month. I guess it might be a little more expensive in a big city.

      Do you have a bike or access to public transportation? You might be able to get to these places yourself instead of dragging your mother all over the place. If you expect to train four times a week is your mother going to be able drive you? If you are truly interested take some responsibility for your training.
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        TheFree87, I know I'm probably making people think that I'm lazy and irresponsible.
        But, I don't have a bike and an access to public transportation, and the closest Judo club (17 minutes from my home) is now working to get a new practice area, so they're unavailable right now. But, you're right in thinking I'm irresponsible; I haven't attempted to get a job or a driving learner's permit, yet, but I'll be correcting that immediately.


          May I suggest that, since you're young, just focus on wrestling for the time being? Wrestling is an excellent base. It'll get you into tremendous shape, will teach you perhaps the best fundamentals you can possibly learn as far as takedowns, control, and positioning are concerned.

          Chances are good that you'll be better off focusing on perfecting this one skill, rather than spreading yourself thin.
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            Thanks for the advice, Tae Bo Master! :)
            Yeah, I was thinking of doing something like that.



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