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How much do you pay a year for MA?

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    How much do you pay a year for MA?

    I used the search function prior to starting this thread and whilst there were threads questioning the amount one pays for muay thai and brazilian jiu jitsu there were few mentions of membership fees for other styles (the ones that did date back to 2005 or earlier).

    So, without further ado, how much do YOU pay for your training per annum?

    $105 Uni Sports Membership
    $20 a month for Wrestling 2x a Week
    $7 a month for Boxing 2x a Week
    $35.2 a month for Transportation
    $250 worth of boxing equipment (1x bag gloves, 1x sparring gloves, 1x helmet, 1x mouthguard, 1x jump rope, 1x 70lb heavy bag)
    $70 worth of wrestling gear (1x singlet and 1x headgear)
    $30 sports dufffel bag

    = $1201. 4

    Next year would probably (hopefully) be less costy as I don't need to buy the gear again (maybe I'll buy some shorts and shoes for boxing and shoes for wrestling but it should still cost less)...

    HOW ABOUT YOU? :ExcitedTroll:

    $130 monthly Gracie Barra BJJ for 7 -9 classes a week depending if i go to Nogi.
    $60 for Nogi shorts
    $120 so far on the grappling dummy Im building
    $50 a year for judo(military hookup)
    $720 for transportation for the year

    $2510 this year. But im planning on competing so tack on fee's for national in september and a light weight gi and were talking closer to 3000 this year.


      I don't
      I teach classes

      but when i did it was around 3000-3500 yuan for 6 months...

      Should be around 500 dollars


        I pay 35 euros a month so thats 420 a year.

        There are 12 krav classes a month i can follow as well as any of the various fitness programs.

        I usually take two classes a week.

        Pretty cheap, no?


          €65 per month for BJJ and Judo (as many times as I can manage - classes are twice per day six days a week)
          €40 per month for Krav Maga (twice per week)

          Tag on an average of €30 per seminar at an average 3 each for BJJ and Krav per year. Also, I'm currently going through a gi a year, so that's another €100 (I'm a big bastard so it costs me extra)




              Maybe 2100 for gear, training costs and fuel? I know many guys who will spend that again in supplements.

              When you factor in missed overtime hours, days off for weigh ins it adds up.

              It comes down to priorities. How much do you spend on alcohol each year? I don't drink.


                Let's see.

                Unlimited classes, access to weight lifting room, great coaches.

                Gear excluded I pay about $50 a month.

                It's within walking distance of where I live.

                I'd say my life is pretty swell.


                  Originally posted by Sang View Post
                  It comes down to priorities. How much do you spend on alcohol each year? I don't drink.
                  I had to give up drinking to take t3h d34dly.

                  Anyway, Krav Maga classes are $150 a month for 3-4x a week + 3-4x conditioning sessions per week. The jits is around $100 a month for 2-3x a week. In my spare time, I get additional Parkour/Freerunning lessons from a gym in DC at $20 a pop for walk ons.

                  +3 gallons of gas per week for transportation specific to taking the deadly.

                  There's probably more money involved for things like gear.


                    4200 for classes.
                    1200 each time i go out to L.A. for privates.
                    total= 5400
                    no gear required.




                        Well now,
                        I trade labour with my San Soo shifu hour for hour (he chages €7.50/hr, €100/year for membership etc normally. Gradings are free, but are few and far between- still white belt)
                        I trade veg and eggs with my TKD trainer (normally €5/hour, €20/year membership- optional, €20/grading- membership required)
                        I do administration for judo club so they pay my membership(€60/year) and matt fees (€2.50/hour). Gradings are €20
                        I am lucky that most of the MA trainers in my area are commited to thier comumity and art so put thier students before profit
                        FUCK ME! I have just calculated that I would have to pay €1280 ($1820) per year if I had to pay.
                        cant remember cost of gear, but its not cheap
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                          $65/month, for 12 months = $780. Plus gas, which I don't really know how to calculate, replacing rattan sticks every once in a while, etc.


                            $350 a month pays for my daughter, my wife, and myself. Unlimited classes and includes kettlebells, no gi, & kickboxing if I wanted. $4,200 a year. Plus gear. Plus tourneys. Probably around $5K a year. Not counting gas to get there.

                            I have one son that is approaching two years old & another boy on the way.
                            Fuck, Im going to be broke.
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                              $50/month at my Judo/grappling school. I figure $50-$100 for the odd gi or two. So, about $700 give or take.
                              I don't pay for Silat & we wear street clothes usually.



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