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How much do you pay a year for MA?

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    Originally posted by Mo_Fo View Post
    ... my daughter, my wife, and myself...

    I have one son that is approaching two years old & another boy on the way.
    Fuck, Im going to be broke.
    You may be broke, but you also have your own private army! Nice


      Good post. Probably a good time to tally it up....
      bjj-$100x 12m= 1200
      boxing $20 x 12= 240
      Seminars= roughly 300?
      Training Tools (Books, gear, etc)=roughly 400+
      Competitions=$300 +
      Gas=576(gas buddy)
      Total =$3016 and that's probably a big underestimate
      If wife found out= Castration


        Originally posted by Omega Supreme View Post
        Close gym. Teach in a park.


        Chase Geese for cross training: Priceless.

        PS: Watch out for goose poo.


          Reading this made me feel ashamed and weak.



            Originally posted by Omega Supreme View Post
            im assuming thats for the intire school? haha

            how many students do you have enrolled?


              Originally posted by Kouch View Post
              im assuming thats for the intire school? haha

              how many students do you have enrolled?
              Somewhere over 100




                  Originally posted by Kouch View Post
                  4200 for classes.
                  1200 each time i go out to L.A. for privates.
                  total= 5400
                  no gear required.
                  Wait, WC classes, before "privates" run you $350 per month? In INDIANAPOLIS??? Please tell me this isn't so.


                  $50/month - Kyokushin
                  $60/month - Aikijutsu/JJJ
                  $90/month - MMA gym

                  Assorted, $200 and it'll probably all last me well over a year.


                    shit. wow. sorry. its 2400. a year. which comes out to 200 a month.i was in a 2 year contract. so it was 4200 all together. BUT! thankfully my contract is up and i have more affordable and better options now. prolly around 100 for the month.


                      Lets, see :

                      Freestyle Wrestling:

                      20 euro per month.

                      And I was there like 8 months (2 months for exams and I lost for sure an other two).

                      So, I would say 160 Euro.

                      Seems decent actually.
                      They also, didn't ask me to buy wrestling shows or anything else, instead they gave me a T-shirt with the club logo :P


                        200 bucks a week

                        but people pay me to smash em in the mouth so it works out ok


                          Loyalty, and whatever gasoline costs. And medical bills.


                            50 euro/month for 10 months = 500 euro
                            35 euro/year for insurance and subscription to Aikikai
                            50 euro/year for the exam's stage.
                            A couple of stages a year.

                            About 600 euro a year


                              Free, I barter teaching. Otherwise $840 a year plus expenses (membership in USA Judo, I need a new judo and karate gi soon, tournament fees, gas, etc.).


                                $84/month and pay month to month.Its cheaper if you pay in advance. Depending on how much in advance the amount varies.

                                84/month= 2x mma and as many kick boxing as i can fit in. they have 5 classes/week.

                                plus gradings and up-keep/replacement of gear prolly another 200$

                                +30$/month for gym access

                                total= $1008 for classes
                                = $1208 for classes plus gear/gradings
                                = $1208-$1568 includes gym for up to 12 months.



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