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I want to do more reps

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    I want to do more reps

    In my Jiu-Jitsu class it is common for us to be taught a technique by our instructor then partner up and work on the technique. The class works on the technique until the next one is presented. Then we usually switch partners.

    It seems that more often than not my partner will only want to do each technique once or twice and then wait for the instructor to stop us and work on the next technique.

    If I see this happening I usually ask if I can try it again and they will let me. But after that they sit cross legged and don't seem interested in doing it again. It kind of pisses me off because I want to do as many reps as possible. I'd like to use up all of the time we have on practicing.

    Usually if they are white belts like me I can pressure them into doing more but I don't know how to approach it if they are a blue belt or above. And I don't want to piss anyone off by inferring we should work harder. There are some people like me though that want to keep practicing so it's good that we switch partners regularly.

    Is this common in Jiu-Jitsu classes? Has anyone found an effective way of getting your partner to do more reps with you? Should I just accept it and try to work with the people that like to practice more? I guess when this happens I can work on shrimping or push-ups or something I can do on my own until the next technique. Any thoughts?

    I've don't really have that problem in the BJJ classes I attend except near the end of no-gi with the other guys who were there for muay thai before that and I'm just as tired as they are at that point and rolling is about to start. That being said, the few occasions that it has happened with a white belt I'll go, "Hey, I want to focus on <some particular aspect> of <technique we're supposed to be working on). Mind if I try it a few more times?" With blue belts and higher I've never had that problem.


      Be honest - tell your partner you want to "rep it out". I'll often move, resist slightly, or make a counter-move to force my partner to think about the technique. Not like free grappling, but enough to keep it interesting after the technique is smooth without resistance.

      You should definitely review this with your instructor - some want you to stick strictly with the drill as-shown. They may have other suggestions as well.
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        As an Aikido class, we attract way more than our fair share of that type, so I know exactly how you feel.

        My advice is don't worry about pissing the guy off. You've paid for that class. If he wants to piss his money and time away, that's ok, but for paired work it isn't fair for him to force that result on you.

        Ask to do it again, and again. Keep pestering for another run-through. It'll most likely go one of two ways: Either you'll inspire the guy out of a plateau and you'll both be better off for it. Or, he'll hate training with you and avoid you at partner selection time. Either result is a win for you.

        Some advice you didn't ask for though... in a few years, keep your eye out for yourself becoming that guy. Especially when running through 'dull basics' that you feel like you mastered ages ago. The keen white belt who is pestering you could save you from yourself.

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          I give a big ol' smile and say "c' such thing as too much practice. Let's make the most of our time."

          Being absurdly friendly usually get's them to go along. Emphasizing how you both are learning by practicing more will also give them incentive. It works for me.
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            I know what you mean. There's a cop in my class who I appreciate because he really likes to work lots of reps, at varying intensity. He's there to train, so he wants to get as many reps in as possible with a minimum of hanging out and waxing philosophically. When my teacher shows us what to work on, he'll ask a few questions to get a very clear idea of what to do, then get to doing it.


              Thanks guys, good advice along the lines I was thinking.

              That's good advice, Ignorami. I think the reason I hold reps so important is because I have been training in Hapkido for 18 years before starting Jiu-Jitsu. You can't do any martial art for that long without repeating techniques over and over. Plus I'm tired of getting my ass handed to me in open mat, so the more I can practice the sooner I'll get better.

              I emailed my instructor and asked him what he thought, so I'll see what he says.



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