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Train kids in MD - Evolve/Yamasaki, anyone?

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    Train kids in MD - Evolve/Yamasaki, anyone?

    Okay, I'm back. Tried to post this yesterday but it apparently went off into the intertoobz (or I didn't actually finish it, that's possible).

    Looking for a place near me where I can take my kid (daughter, 10 years old) for training that's not "Dad doing kungfu" and, to me, a kids' program at a good BJJ school would be excellent.

    I know from Evolve and Yamasaki, live in between them and have known people who train at one or the other over the years, but haven't had a chance to visit/get thrown around.

    So, knowing that both schools have children's programs, and looking at the plus of being able to get me some decent grappling training (something that's always been weak for me), I'd like to get opinions on them both.

    If you train at one, have trained there, have kids who have been at one, or whatever... If you have a reality-based opinion ;-) on either or both, let me know what you think.

    I'll be around, starting to be less of a leeching lurker.


    Just, like, this guy, y'know...

    The member JordanT used to teach kids at Evolve. I will let him know about the thread when I see him.
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