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I am being cheated out of not getting punched in the face.

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    "There was no face punching in my dojo, in fact i was warned that I would get one warning before getting kicked out if i did.

    My face got way more fucked up in Kyokushin than Muay Thai. Padded gloves seem to do a lot less damage than unpadded spinning heel kicks to the cheek. Class rules were tournament rules and the same tournament intensity (at least when people sparred me)."

    Really? You guys took kicks to the head EVERY class?
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      The dojo is actually in Pleasant Hill, I believe. It is, however, not far from Richmond. We would regularly get slapped in the face but the blows and kicks would stop short of an actual strike the face. At our dojo, the body got punished, not the fragile parts that cause permanent damage. We normally didn't even go full force against the body in sparring. It is not that hard to generate bone-breaking force with some practice. The vast majority of injuries were from take-downs.

      I have found that if I hit as hard as I can, I can often sustain injuries if I am at all off the mark, and have. The thing I always hated the most was getting blocked. I found them the most painful.

      That dojo is influenced by Fred Buck, the son of Don Buck, so while I have been told by the OP that their focus is different, I can't imagine anybody gets out of their without some skillz.
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        OSU crappler, little correction- our instructors were trained under Don Buck. We aren't affiliated with Fred. We broke away from the AKKO at some point after Don Buck passed away.

        Gonna learn to be a full contact fighter here. :D

        I do also train in a part in Richmond, under my Sensei, who lives in Vallejo, haha.

        *edit* I do not have much in the way of skillz just yet, but I'm better than I was a year ago!


          I'm totally confused. Are you saying your instructors were trained by Buck but now Fred runs the show and they all operate under him?

          I stand corrected anyhow.


            Originally posted by crappler View Post

            Really? You guys took kicks to the head EVERY class?
            Yup, i got kicked in the head with those thin cloth shinguards every sparring session, swept onto the hard wood floor regularly and dropped with hard bodyshots maybe once a week. If I'd had a job i would have lost it due to how fucked up my body got, one of the university tutors actually asked me if everything was ok at home.

            Pretty sure the problem was that i came into the dojo sparring at a brown belt level already, a lot of the guys and girls talked about how thuggish muay thai is while treating me worse than any gym I've been to would have treated them.

            Overall a good experience that taught me to respect kicks other than roundhouse/teeps.


              My instructors were trained by Don Buck, who was the head of the American Kyokushin Karate Organization. When Don Buck passed away, Fred (his son, though not raised by him, I don't think,) took over the AKKO. Fred was a different person who focused on different things than Don, and there were some philosophical differences between him and my instructors, so they broke away from the AKKO.

              So, we were affiliated with Don Buck and the AKKO when the organization was his. We are not affiliated with Fred Buck.

              PS, I am not a representative of my dojo or organization. :p So I don't officially speak for them. But that's the way it is, anyway.


                Just to clarify, you wear sparring gloves and mouthguards when sparring with punches to the head right?


                  Yes, when punching to the head we do wear gloves and mouthguards, because day jobs. Heh.



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