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    I'm a Nooooob !

    Hi My Names Albert and I'm new to this forum.
    In terms of Martial Arts I've been interested for Years ! I started Boxing a long time a go, and if I stack it up have probably been doing that for about 4-5 years. [Feels like a long time to me !]
    I've tried Ju-Jitsu and thought that was great but couldnt afford to do it properly, but I've got friends and family who have done it for a long time, so through them I've learned my fair share of Locks and stuff !
    I really enjoy MMA, and have tried that at Diesel Gym in Limehouse, which I thought was an excellent Gym ! But haven't really been able to get into that either.
    Recently I havent been boxing, instead I've been Kickboxing at my college with Reece Rowell, who is a very good instructor and kickboxer himself, and have been thinking about taking that up because I've enjoyed it so much.
    The main issue for me with a lot of martial arts is the costs, as a lot of gyms in my area are quite expensive. This is probably why I've been boxing for so long as in general it is a very cheap sport lol.
    Thats the extent of my martial arts prowess; I can handle myself, and know enough self defence stuff to get most people in locks and stuff, but I'd really like to learn more about this sort of thing, and properly.
    I'm kinda torn between starting kickboxing/boxing again with a mind to competing next year, because I really want to fight again lol, but I also want to do something a bit more traditional like Wing Chun, ju-jitsu or Krav Maga [I know its not traditional I'm just interested lol] - Anyone Know about competition in these arts?
    Another problem for me is that a lot of styles round my area -[I live in Essex By the way, Just off the m25, so London is easy reach]- is that the martial clubs round here dont practice full-contact sparring, which to me is pretty important lol.
    I don't really know the point in all this just think it might help people get to know me a bit better lol
    I know this is a long intro by the way lol sorry to bore you guys, I appreciate any comments back, and thanks for taking the tipe to read this Epic.


    On Krav Maga: If you go that route, be very, very, very careful that you're learning the real thing. The problem is just about every important KM organization has overlicensed itself to foreign affiliates. Some of these affiliates may not have any idea what they're doing. If you do decide on a KM school, post it up on this thread so I can take a look at it. What you should see during the visit is live training. Do they actually hit one another? If they do, then it's probably the real thing (unless they're teaching Bullshido like how to break your opponent's neck).

    But in the end, to be quite honest, it's more trouble than its worth and you're better off with a more consistently transmissible style like Muay Thai, Judo or BJJ.


      Thanks for the Reply :) Yeah to be honest Mate I've heard similar things from a lot of people; Krav Maga gyms arent always the real deal or so I've heard. Sound advice there bro. And yeah I'd like to do Muay thai but there isn't anywhere round my way that does it, thats mostly why I was going to start kickboxing, because the Instructor I know teaches it with knees and elbows too :)
      Never really thought about doing Judo - is it worth it ? Looked into Bjj, but always assumed Judo was more sport than martial art. Theres some pretty successful clubs around my area though so I might take a look.


        Addendum: Krav Maga is also one of the more expensive MAs out there, not to mention the fact that if you're really doing it right, it has one of the steepest learning curves of any MA.

        Most of the KM places in London are places I can't really vouch for, especially since there's been some recent political bullshit regarding the two main European organizations in KM. Both IKMF and KMG schools can give you the real Krav Maga, but the IKMF schools (under Avi Moyal are a little less dodgy, mainly since Eyal Yanilov (head of the KMG) is guilty of some really, really shady business practices and outright lies. This doesn't make Yanilov's group necessarily full of Bullshido (ask Permalost, he's trained with Mr. Yanilov before), but it does make one pause to think about what's being offered.

        It's much easier to find a good Kickboxing (any kind), BJJ or Judo place because there are more people with the requisite knowledge transmitting it properly. Judo's a good base for many martial arts and you probably can't go too wrong doing it. It has too many rules for my liking, but hey, that's just me.


          Your assumptions about Judo are completely wrong.

          See Gene Lebell vs. Milo Savage
          Karo Parysian
          Manvil "The Anvil" Gamburyan

          Judo is cheap, effective, and commonly available. You won't be getting new belts very often, but the same goes for BJJ.

          Welcome to the forums, Nooooob!




              John Hegan is an IKMF instructor. What I like seeing is that he also pays due respects to the KM Worldwide Organization based in Los Angeles and is thus above the political horseshit.

              What I don't like are the following things:

              1.) Mr. Hegan doesn't talk about his rank within the IKMF, although you can clear that up by visiting the school (he should have his certificates posted in the open).

              2.) He claims to be the highest qualified KM instructor in Europe. Nick Maison, Tommy Blom, Kryzstof Sawicki, Michael Margolin, Alain Cohen, Thierry Viatour and some other folks would all like to disagree with that statement. Unless Mr. Hegan is a 4th Degree black belt (or its IKMF equivalent) or higher, he's full of shit. I'd ask around if I was you.


                Judo is takedowns, throws, AND submissions.
                There are some technical differences with a few of the submissions, and there are BJJ-only submissions, but a large number of submissions that you learn in BJJ are also learned in Judo.

                To give you a better idea, strictly speaking, BJJ could probably be thought of as Brazilian judo. (The founders of BJJ learned judo, and modified it.)

                The biggest difference between BJJ and Judo is not the difference in the techniques, but difference in the way they are applied, and this is reflected in the competition.

                Judo is very fast and aggressive, because slow ground work means getting stood back up again.

                BJJ is more about patience and strategy.


                  yli : Thanks for that, as it's the only one close it looks like it'd be my only choice in terms of Krav Maga, so I'll ask about his certificates when I go up there. In terms of him claiming to be the most qualified KM instructor in europe; the fact hes exaggerating seems a bit dodgey to me, but it's not surprising that he'd want to attract more members - considering the membership fee! lol Thanks for the help yli. I'll keep ya posted bro.
                  Colin : Thanks for the info dude - Brazilian Judo lol ! I think the issue with me is that coming from a boxing background I know little about takedowns. I mean I've done a few MMA classes, know quite a few standing joint locks, and I've played rugby ;) But I don't know much stuff specific to throwing and takedowns, other than stuff thats just pretty obvious lol. So i think Judo would probably be more benficial to me than Bjj. Thanks for the info bro. :)



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