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Lajos Szabo, has anyone into wrestling heard of him?

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    Lajos Szabo, has anyone into wrestling heard of him?


    To give you some background..

    I'm trying to start training again, I used to do a little ( I mean a little) boxing, Muay Thai and conventional, I also trained a little MMA in Thailand with Kruu Villabos. Who got me on the road to mixing styles, I am 30 years old and basically a noob but want to start the path to learning to defend myself, and get fit. I would one day like to have a few matches but i'm not kidding myself, more for my own sense of satisfaction.

    So I will get to the point, I have read a lot on the site, and am looking at beginning with either wrestling/sambo/bjj or judo.And a after a year incorporate Muay Thai again. A lot depends on whats available in Perth. I cant remember where but I heard that Lajos was a good wrestling teacher from Europe and he runs a wrestling school near me.

    Has anyone heard of him and would have any information?

    And from what I read already on the site, I guess its a tough call, but out of all the grappling disciplines what would be recommended?

    For defence Kru taught us grappling and submission but said your aim is to get off the floor as quickly as possible, I thought that was a good approach.

    If it's this guy then he is clearly very, very legit.


      I knew I had read something somewhere, I will give them a call and see if its the same guy. I would never have considered wrestling until I started reading here. Never watched the sport and have bad memories of WWE.

      If anyone is interested I'll post back with what I find out.

      On a side note, for something different I was going to try and find a savate school here to get more precision with kicking, I rely very much on boxing, and would like to be more controlled with my feet. It wont be for the long term as I will probably go back to Thailand next year for a few months to train Muay Thai/MMA with Kruu. (If I wasnt I would probably just start training MT here, trying to think outside the square) Opinions?


        Oh yeah and excuse me... Thanks Pointy.


          Just spoke to him, not the same guy. But he was an Australian Olympic coach.

          This is his website

          The prices seem pretty reasonable. I'll go in a few weeks time and give my impressions. For what they are worth.


            The curriculum looks pretty awesome, as far as covering judo, wrestling, sambo, and jiu-jitsu comprehensively.

            Wish that place was around here.



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