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    MA options at work and home

    I had a weekend filled with plans, then I rediscovered Bullshido through a random search. I then spent the remainder of the weekend reading posts and watching MMA videos. This site has a magical ability to use up time...

    So in a few months my time will free up a little, and I'm thinking about going back to a martial arts school. I live in North Hollywood, but work in Santa Fe Springs. If you know either area, you know the major issue is traffic. I can get to work in 30-45 minutes, and get back home in 1.5-2 hours, depending on traffic. Return times can be longer and frequently are.

    My near term goal is fitness. I'm soft and mushy. I want to get comfortable in tense physical situations. Right now, my body can lock up pretty badly. Doesn't happen often, but still, it's irritating. Longer term goal is something to help me increase quick thinking skills. I'm an observer and think a lot. I'm finding more of a need to be comfortable with on-the-spot improvisation.

    In North Hollywood, these options seem the closest to where I live:
    Muay Thai USA (,
    Muay Thai Academy (, and
    Gokor's Gym (

    I know nothing about Gokor, other than he teaches grappling and seems really respected here. There are some other places, but I get the feeling that the bullshido crowd wouldn't think highly of them (XMA, TKD, Kuk Sool, etc). The biggest concern with any of North Hollywood location is my ability to get home in time for class. Overtime is frequent, and so is bad traffic.

    In Santa Fe Springs, a quick Google search turned up:
    Rebel X MMA (,
    Selva Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (
    New Breed Academy (
    CSW (

    I couldn't find a review for Rebel X on Bullshido. Their pricing scheme seems a little complicated (, and they offer something called "Gracie Combatives" in addition to BJJ. I don't know if that's something they made up or not.

    The only search results I get on Bullshido for New Breed are for a place in Chicago. New Breed's website and Selva's website are almost copies of each other, at least on the front page. Despite this, they don't seem to be connected organizations. Also my Google search for martial arts in Santa Fe Springs mostly turned up New Breed links, which means someone is playing with search engine results. Not necessarily bad by itself, though.

    Finally, there's CSW run by Erik Paulson. I only know a little about him, but Rebel X and New Breed get a generally positive review here:

    and Paulson gets a glowing review here:

    I checked the comments on Paulson's website, and it seems his place is populated pros, ex-military, and so forth. That's a little intimidating to me. I don't have that kind of physicality right now.

    My current plan of action is to ask for a walk-around of CSW, then New Breed, then Rebel X. If I don't get a good feel for anything I'll go back to North Hollywood and check out Gokor, Muay Thai Academy and Muay Thai USA. Muay Thai Academy stands out a little because it's run by a guy named Puk, who (I think) trained someone who taught Muay Thai at Combative Arts Academy, a place I used to attend. Beyond that, though, it's a toss-up.

    Any suggestions? I'll probably start looking in a couple of weeks.

    I can't really comment on any of the schools you listed but I don't think you should worry about your level of fitness or be intimidated to try out a school. Most places will respect the fact that you want to train, as long as you try and don't make excuses for poor performance people will respect you.


      Kru Nokweed has a Muay Thai school in the NoHo area, not sure if it's one of the ones you listed or not, but worth checking out. You can find footage of him fighting on YT.

      Gokor's gym is among the top, if not #1 grappling school in the entire world. Pro fighters go there to train regularly. If you can afford it, and you enjoy training there, you can't go wrong.

      At the BJJ gym I'm at, there are MMA classes on Monday and Wednesday that start at 8:30pm, and white belt BJJ classes on Tues and Thurs at 8pm. It's located at Van Nuys & Ventura blvd. Website is

      Good luck!



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