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Teaching and Rank perspectives

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    Teaching and Rank perspectives

    As a final thought, I run a small warehouse MMA workout group made up of people who train simply for fun and also some who actively compete. Me and my senior students attend seminars and training all over the country to try and improve our teaching skills and abilities. I also thought it was good of both Scott and Mario to respond to the inquiry in such a polite and sincere profession. As someone who purchases quite a bit of training material, and who has training materials from both Scott and Mario, I can say with confidence that they produce very good quality training material, which we have all been able to benefit from in our training sessions and competition. That being said...

    I have a question regarding the form of the original inquiry. Why, in the BJJ community, is it such an issue if a potential BB has competed in BJJ or not? I know combat effectiveness is an issue, but I would guess that Scott is less interested in gi-based BJJ competition, and more interested in MMA and practical self-defense skill which can obviously be gained through proper BJJ training. I would venture a guess that he devoted a good deal of time to the study of BJJ out of respect for the real world effectiveness of submission fighting. Sometimes I think that those involved in the sport aspects of BJJ have lost site of the fact that not everyone who trains or teaches is worried about winning a sport match in a gi. I do appreciate how Bullshido keeps a watchful eye out for those who make false claims about their credentials and claims, but many of the toughest and most skilled martial-artists I have ever trained with never devoted much time to sport fighting. Now if that IS what is important to you, I think the real question is, can they teach YOU what you need to know to win in your chosen area of focus. I think both of these guys are capable of teaching and training winners.

    Just a thought.

    MABS has changed since you joined/lurked. To bump a thread you need to add something relevant and new to the discussion. The content of the thread is nearly three years old and you are basically defending and ranting at the same time.

    Since this is your first post and involves a basic introduction it is being moved to newbietown.

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