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    Name for a new school.

    Hey, sup.

    We're trying to figure out a name for Sensei's new school, which is just starting out. Of course we're still training at the main dojo, but Sensei has suddenly gotten more than one student, so we figured we'd make a formal thing of it and start a school.

    At the moment we're poor and training in the local park, where we compete with angry little-league coaches who really begrudge the 30 square feet or so of space we tend to use in the corner of said public park. One of the coaches has stormed past us in what I think he believes to be an intimidating manner, but he's wearing those tight-ass grey baseball pants. Oh honey, nobody but David Bowie in Labyrinth can pull those pants off, and even he wasn't really all that intimidating.

    Anyway I'm on ambien so I figure this is a great time to reach out to the warm, supportive community of Bullshido and ask if you have any ideas for our new Kyokushin dojo, which is located in Richmond, California.

    So far I have come up with the following, all of which Sensei has rejected for some reason:

    Bloody Knuckles School of Kyokushin


    School of the Tanuki

    Little League Intimidators

    Dojo of Broken Dreams and Shattered Crackpipes

    Little Dojo of Horrors

    Or perhaps just a fading hand-painted sign that says "Free Candy."

    Come on, bullies, I bet you can come up with better than that!

    Also if anyone is willing to donate to our school's supplies, we could really use a step stool for aiding our instructor.


      No seriously

      Sensei and I both have to stretch to reach the bottom of his face. Any tall people in Richmond wanna join our class so he can learn why he needs to keep his guard up?


        The city of Richmond does not have one book store. Maybe you should open one.


          What, like Shoot, Loot, and Read? Naw, I think I'm okay with people just going a few blocks over to El Cerrito, which does have a book store.


            An adult book store.


              I take it the city of Richmond is in need of a Supercuts, too.


                What about calling your school Bob or Kevin? They're both good names.


                  The odds of you getting a good suggestion here are pretty slim Evergrey. You'll get plenty of them, mind you, but I doubt they'll be viable options.

                  How about Richmond Kyokushin?
                  Shut the hell up and train.


                    Cypher's Kyokushin - since your sensei is obviously Joe Pantoliano.


                      Richmond Kyokushin Karate

                      Kiiaaaaai, motherfucker!


                        Your school saying could be "Hands Down, the best training you can get"

                        'Cause Kyokushin...


                          Pajamas Fighting Unlimited

                          Reverse Massage Therapy

                          Black Mamba Kai

                          Rule #1 Dojo

                          Old Fashined Fabric Softeners

                          Karatekas Anonymous

                          The Anti-Shoe Alliance


                            "No Can Defend"


                              Kai Kyokushin Karate.



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