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    Hey Everyone,

    I'm clearly new to this specific forum. After spending some time on Aikiweb and Aikido Journal - I found most/all of my questions and critiques about Aikido to be left....unanswered. Or poorly explained.
    As you can read on my profile I've trained in Aikido - a really soft style, I don't care if you point this out to me as being a shit style. I have accepted that it doesn't really have what I was looking for.

    Had some very "interesting" encounters with people who truly believed in the Ki stuff. I'd love to hear all your stories and experiences when you encountered such things as: breathe through your toes and ki extension.

    As I said, I've had my fair share. Love to hear from others.

    Hi. welcome to Bullshido.
    I commend your choice of forum to make your first post. This would indicate to me that you're the sort of person that reads stickied threads. This is a useful practice.

    As far as Aikido goes, I've had my fair share of Aikido experience too, as have many of the other members of the community, and many of us have moved on to different arts now.

    We encourage good training practices, this includes rigorous testing through 'alive' sparring and/or competitive martial arts and mixed martial arts professional sports combat.

    Also. we would LOVE to hear your Aikido 'ki' stories :)
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      Welcome to Bullshido, TheLOLNinja, we're happy to have you here on...


      Click on settings to see feedback, and subscribed threads. Varrots are the forum's reputation system, don't bitch about rep anywhere, it's a no-no.

      Moderation ranges from IRON FIST to minimal, reading the stickies, for different forums, as you must have for this one, you'll know this already. The search function is our friend, it helps us locate topics we may be tempted to start a thread on, when that would be spurious, and unnecessary.

      I'm looking forward to hearing of your exploits, and toast your health, with my Goldschlager here (where's an umlaut on a keyboard when you need one?).

      There's a dojo/school review section, which I'd encourage you to post in, when you're able. It's a valuable resource for posters and lurkers looking for a place to train.

      Happy posting, and any questions, feel free to ask.

      p.s. I started on kung fu tiger forms, before finding SanDa/kickboxing and realizing I was behind the starting line for fighting ability. Confess your bad choices, for hilarity. Therapy and entertainment.

      p.p.s.s. You can fuckin swear on this site, but only Omega gets to cuss the no0bs. I'm assuming you know about no trolling noobs, but the merciless one has a pass.


        Thanks for the welcome! :D

        My Ki Stories.

        Very recently, I had one woman try to explain why Ki was better than strength. I asked her if she could explain it in different words - more scientific or in physics/bio-mechanics. She couldn't of course. So I preformed a technique that logically made sense to me/and martially made sense. The technique was some Kaiten-nage, where you keep the head down and project into a forwards roll. I kept the head down with necessary pressure, however she said I was doing everything wrong. I asked her to show me what to do instead. Got into the same position and she barely touched my head and said: "Okay try to get up, because you can't - my Ki is keeping you there." I immediately stood up and thought - what are you trying to teach me?

        So I did it the way she wanted ONLY on her. With everyone else I did, I did the normal way.


        Another time I got into a heated discussion about Ki with a high ranking senior with his efforts to "convert" me to believing in Ki. But I kept asking him to provide proof or give a different explanation of the terms he was using. He couldn't. And I think he was getting angry with me - so I left him to his thoughts.


          Originally posted by LOLninja
          So I did it the way she wanted ONLY on her. With everyone else I did, I did the normal way.
          This experience really reminded me of some very similar experiences.
          I had several different instructors, all with their own way of defining 'ki' and all with their own way of interpreting techniques, and Kaiten nage is a hilarious waza to refer to, as this is probably one of the best examples of why Aikido can be largely ineffective outside of compliant technique drilling. 'ki' propelling your opponent forward, as opposed to transferable momentum with or without jointlocking pain compliance.

          There were particular instructors I would perform techniques a particular way one or another, that was just another bullshit political component of the organisation I was in. As someone entrusted to teach the 'true' ryu waza of the federation principal (ie: it was my direct training experience with the aforementioned instructor/"grandmaster" that ended up with me supervising half his classes, I literally had to bark like a dog whenever I was being scrutinised technically.
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            Ah man, I had/have to do the same thing. Otherwise the instructors walk up to me during the drink breaks and give me a good lecture. Especially that one particular woman.

            In my particular club, there is no quality control. All they do is check to see how many classes you've done and you have to grade. At the moment I'm a brown belt, but sure as hell I know I don't deserve it. Most of the people I've seen (the woman who lectures me, is higher in rank than me and she is a shit aikidoka) aren't good. With the exception of people who have done martial arts PRIOR to joining.

            Normally I wouldn't go around saying this sort of thing, but I am generally getting sick of this crap. Regularly with stories of Ki, lectures about using Ki extension. We have this one sensei who talks nonstop. Says he can do all the techniques under the sun and thinks everyone is an idiot. He spouts on about Ki and how it's different outside the dojo but I have really strong doubts about his martial abilities.

            Another high ranking Ki lover was talking to me about how we don't block/protect ourselves against Atemi (or how we don't need Atemi). I was tempted to punch him in the face and say: So you wouldn't protect yourself against that? You enjoy being punched in the face?

            I don't enjoy that, so I cover up as best as I've learnt from being hit in the face.


              Originally posted by TheLOLNinja View Post
              Another high ranking Ki lover was talking to me about how we don't block/protect ourselves against Atemi (or how we don't need Atemi).
              This actually raises a 'red flag' that might even put your Aikido into the kind of basket that other Aikido schools think of as delusional, like this guy.

              No offense intended ^_^

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                No offense taken. I have honestly thought the same thing. Whether my dojo is a mcdojo or severely misguided/delusional. I doubt my own skill and abilities as a martial artist.

                Do you have any more Ki stories? :D I'd love to hear more.


                  Well.. I had three major instructors that I saw on a weekly basis we will call them Dilbert, Delilah, and Sean Connery.

                  Sean Connery was an engineer, and agnostic.
                  Dilbert was a Science teacher and athiest.
                  Delilah was soccer mom with soccer family (Mormons)

                  Connery was the most senior of the three, and he had a multi-faceted view of the word ki that is beyond my two second transcription.

                  Dilbert literally substituted the many definitions of the word ki into the word 'commitment'. commitment to attack, commitment to art, different kinds of commitment. Something about when attacks are so committed that they are executed with 'ki' where 'ki' was his way of referring to the perfect balance between application and effort.

                  Delilah on the other hand....

                  She was basically into the whole "Aikido is the Christian martial art because you don't HURT people" schtick.
                  She would ramble on and on about Aikido got her closer to God, and that sometimes she really felt the divine hand in her techniques, when her Ki added to God's Ki to make an invincible technique. (I couldn't make this shit up)

                  Most of us just put up with her, because she ran the childrens school.

                  We thought that meant that we wouldn't have to deal with her shit.

                  When the first few waves of children started showing up in the Adult class with her wax-on-wax-off magic jesus techniques, and REJECTING corrections to the tune of "I'm graded to [insert unimportant junior grade here] and this is the way to do it!" with only the raw determination and conviction a 16 year old can deliver. I couldn't teach these jokers.

                  I had a falling out with Delilah.

                  I started Judo.
                  That was 2004, and the rest is history.
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                    Wow. That sucks, being told off by a kid. What....imbeciles.

                    Hope your Judo training is going well.

                    Does anyone else have an Ki stories that they'd like to add?


                      That's all you get for your noobie thread from me.
                      Why not check out the rest of the forum? ^^
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