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Hello from a noob in California!

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    Hello from a noob in California!

    I've been a lurker on the site for a long time and I have finally decided to post stuff. I'm from San Francisco and I've been training in Muay Thai and recently started MMA, and I am so far loving it.

    Initially I trained in Krav Maga for 6 months or so, and made it to level 2 but that whole experience went downhill for me after I sparred and got my ass beat by a friend who is 5"3 and did boxing for 4 months, who was also kind of rusty at the time because he stopped training to move to New Hampshire for college.

    The same friend who did boxing for 4 months also beat up our other friend who did Krav Maga for 5 years, he was level 4 I believe. My Krav friend even ran away from him during sparring, which was actually pretty funny to watch.

    When I first started Muay Thai, my KM training amounted to nothing during sparring, I was about as good as other beginners who had no other MA experience, but my technique was slightly better than other beginners so I didn't need as much help compared to others during my intro class.

    So I threw away my KM Level 1 diploma but for some reason I still have my membership card that you swipe on the scanner thing. Their auto-pay system was horse shit as well, I'm so happy I financially cut myself off from them.

    Thank you for reading!

    Ah the beauty of a KMWW school (at least that's what I think you're taking judging by how you've described your experiences), where sparring is optional. It's possible to make it up to Level 4-5 without much sparring, it's actually possible to become an *instructor* all while doing a minimum of hard contact sparring.

    While there are sparring and fighting oriented classes (probably) offered at whatever KM gym you went to, KMWW curriculum does not make them a precondition, and the instructors themselves vary drastically in both quality and how they run their classes with respect to live training against non-compliant opponents. Your mileage may vary as to what kind of instruction you will get, and judging by your results...

    With that, have fun in Muay Thai and welcome to Bullshido.


      Yeah it was a KMWW school, there was an "intro to fight" class for Level 2's and up but I never took it, according to the description it ENDS with light sparring and it lasts 6 weeks, my Krav friend did take it but it didn't seem to help him much lol. I remember an instructor saying they do "real' sparring level 3 and up. Which is about a year into Krav Maga, so yeah fuck that shit. But I don't know if it was optional though.

      Thank you for your response!
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        No problem. I'm not surprised they don't offer any higher fight classes where you are. The KMWW curriculum has provisions for 3 levels of Fight, as well as more advanced octagon fighting under Bas Rutten's system (not withstanding that intro course you took)(1), as well as Western boxing, kickboxing and groundfighting.

        But much of the time, Krav schools have trouble finding high enough quality instructors, and tend to offer the bare minimum (just Krav much of the time), or are certified through another organization such as the ATA (oh God). Luckily, KMWW has worked to weed out the ATA schools doing a craptastic job in the last couple of years. Unfortunately, instructor quality can still vary greatly, as it's the biggest flaw in Krav's franchise based model. Worse yet is if the instructor lies about his qualifications, although this is more of a problem with the ATA style franchisees than dedicated Krav centers.

        As for the intro to fight class and even your level 1 class, you have to remember, KM is pretty serious about being a martial art for the fat 50 year old accountant with bad knees. Most of the stuff in the earlier levels is very basic and compliant and are designed mostly to get the average yuppie comfortable with stress and physical aggression. I agree fully that if you're looking for training that's more alive more quickly, something like Muay Thai would be a better way to go. Properly taught KM with its full battery of fighting, ground fighting, non-compliant weapons training, situation recognition, use of force issues, conflict de-escalation etc. has a rather sharp learning curve and is in no way simple to learn.

        Lastly, if you ever want to return to KM, feel free. Your instructor won't get butthurt, and if he/she is even remotely intelligent, will have long ago encouraged you to crosstrain.

        (1): The Intro-to-fight class should be *10* not 6 weeks anyway.


          Damn I probably went to a really shitty Krav Maga school. I assumed it would be a good one considering I live in a major city, but they had a BJJ class which I took once or twice, the teacher had great credentials and competed a lot but she was a terrible teacher so I never felt motivated to go, the class got cut because no one went to the class, and got replaced with Krav groundfighting. They also tried to do a Muay Thai Class but this was right after I left, I still get the Krav Maga newsletters in my e-mail and it says they're cutting the Muay Thai, I'm not sure why though. But the school did have an amazing Crossfit fitness team, the fitness classes were pretty crazy.

          But I don't think I'll go back though, the whole place is going downhill from what I've heard, some of the better and more experienced instructors have already left, this was also happening when I was still there too.
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            Ah, c'est la vie. At least Muay Thai has a less cluttered and easier to implement curriculum (and far, far more qualified instructors).


              Welcome to Bullshido sfw44. BTW, if you don't mind me asking, what does "sfw44" stand for?


                It means San Francisco Wesley(my name) 44, I didn't really care about making a funny name or anything like that, I just wanted something simple and easy to remember and 44 was just a random number.



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