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Introduction I guess.

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    Introduction I guess.

    This may be a little odd by starting off like this but...
    Hi, I'm 14 years old, and lately I have been very interested in Unarmed Martial Arts such as Muay Thai, to Jeet Kune Do, mainly because of watching UFC fights on TV, and reading a bit about Bruce Lee for the past 3-4 years.

    To be honest, I have no training in Martial Arts, besides two weeks of Taekwondo when I was 7, then quit going because it became very boring to me (no offense!), and recently, I have become very interested in Martial Arts like I've said earlier, and I want to go into Martial Arts again, preferably Muay Thai, but I would love to go into Jeet Kune Do if I ever get the chance. Thing is, the only Gym I can find that teaches that (That I know of) is taught by some very famous Martial Artist I guess (Guessing from the site), and it's located very far away in the city, where I live. I have tried asking my Mom, and the good thing is, is that she said okay, but the down side is that I haven't heard about it from her since, and I am still not in some sort of Martial Art.

    So, now you know...actually, I didn't really tell you much about me, except for my problem getting into Martial Arts, my age, and my interest of Muay Thai, Jeet Kune Do, and Bruce Lee!
    Hm...Any suggestions onto how to convince my mom into actually letting me into Martial Arts?

    Hey, welcome to Bullshido. I suggest checking out the stickies and growing some thick skin.

    Personally I would take Muay Thai over Jeet Kune Do. Most places let you take a class or two for free to see what the class is like. If you are interested in effective fighting technique make sure they have regular sparring. Check out Judo too, it's usually cheap, widely available and effective.
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      Hey, n00bie! Welcome to BS!

      If you like MMA, train Muay Thai.
      And instead of Bruce Lee, check this guy:

      Looks gross in the beginning, but he has something to say that warrants to be heard.


        The best advice is probably to try all the options out, a free class (more than one if they let you) in each.
        And then see which you like best.
        Try not to limit yourself to one style you're interested in, because you might like JKD, but the only coach is far away and shitty, so the limitation is wrong.
        What you're looking for is a club that trains properly (with alive and resistant sparring), has a good vibe for you, and you like. So as you keep with it.
        That along with other things like fitting your schedule, how far it is from you and the commute, quality of instruction and so forth.

        Other than that, read the stickies here (those are the ones that have your name at the beginning of them), they will be very informative.

        Enjoy and welcome to BS


          Being 14, I would suggest checking out what is nearby and easily accessible. Since you can't drive, it may prove difficult to get someone to regularly take you to a class that is far away.

          Does your school have a wrestling team? If it does, I would strongly encourage you to join it. It solves the commuting to class issue. It's also inexensive, a great workout, an opportunity to make friends, and would give you a really solid foundation in the event you want to do any grappling arts in the future. I wish I had wrestled when I was your age. It would have really helped with my BJJ.



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