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    Another introduction...

    Hello there, I'm a 29 year old female based in SoCal who, for personal and professional reasons, needs to learn how to be a badass. This seems like a great forum, because 1. I have zero experience, 2. I'm an idiot and have no idea what I'm doing, and 3. You know what's good and can help me find something good. Mainly interested in disarmament and other things that a single female traveling alone would need.

    Disarmament is something that you'll specifically find in SD (self-defense) though, many of the arts that focus on self defense rather than sports combat, (Aikido, Krav Maga, BBT etc..) are trained in such a fashion that translates rather poorly to realistic combat situations.

    For this reason, Martial Arts that focus on sports competition typically translate better into real life, and although very few competitive martial arts actually use weapons (Fencing, Kendo) I would personally suggest that you're going to learn how to better cope with the dangerous reality of violence by focusing on a combat sport.

    (boxing, judo, muay thai, etc..)
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      Thank you so much for your reply!


        Welcome to the forum. Where in SoCal are you? Good schools abound. However, taking away weapons from real armed men is a tall task for anyone, trained or not.


          Mainly interested in disarmament and other things that a single female traveling alone would need.
          Clearly, you need a Giant 31 y/o Australian man with a spectacular beard to play bodyguard.
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            Originally posted by pamcash View Post
            ...Mainly interested in disarmament and other things that a single female traveling alone would need.
            Hello and welcome to the best martial arts website.

            MA's were always used as the very last line of defense against armed attackers. The best way - besides the obvious "avoid them" that doesn't always work out as you plan - is to be armed and trained in the use of your weapon.

            Check out the California laws regarding weapons.

            Realistically trained MA's might help you with your overall fitness and mental preparedness, but you shouldn't view them as a magical wand against armed attackers. Soldiers and policemen don't either.

            Good luck and keep us updated on your journey.

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              To echo everyone else's comments...martial arts training is awesome for you. But after many years of training, my advice to women is that if they want to defend themselves against men, they need a weapon.

              The weight and strength difference is almost always too much to overcome. Similar to the situation I would be in if I had to fight Brock Lesnar when I weigh 190 pounds.

              There are exceptions to the rule. There are women who can hang with / beat most guys. But those women have dedicated themselves long-term to high quality, intense training.


                Mace and Tasers are also options i would look into.



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