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Wong Fei Hung, Hung Ga Legend, Voted 7th Sloppiest Movie Drunk by TIME

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    Elwood P Dowd should be on there. I mean he stayed drunk but sweet however, he was hallucinating the entire movie.
    "Never trust a quote you read on the internet" - Abraham Lincoln


      Yes it does, if you have the real stuff.
      Dog is often substituted.

      Hu Gu/Kokotsu/Hogol/Tiger Bone:
      Properties: acrid, sweet, warm

      Functions and clinical use: Disperses Wind Cold and strenthens the sinews and bones: used for paralysis, weak knees and legs, spasms, stiffness and pain in the lower back, and Cold pain in the bones.
      Expels Wind Dampness: used for stiffness and migratory pain in the joints

      Pharmacological and Clinical Research:
      Anti-inflammatory effect: various preparations of Os Tigris have anti-inflammatory effects against experimentally induced arthritis in animals. This effect appears mediated by the central nervous system and is lost in anesthetized, adrenalectomized animals. Os Tigris also reduces permeability of the capillaries
      Central nervous system effect: Os Tigris has analgesic effects on rats and it appears to have a calming effect on mice when ingested orally.

      Toxicity: in no experiments have any toxic properties been reported.
      From Materia Medica; Bensky, ISBN 0-939616-03-3



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