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ISKA amateur Muay Thai title fight

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    ISKA amateur Muay Thai title fight

    (I'm not 100% sure I'm posting this in the correct forum. If it is in the wrong place, please relocate it!)

    This event was the "Battle of Tampa Bay XVII" promoted by Amir Ardebily, who owns the Amir Academy in St. Petersburg, FL. There were a total of 19 fights on the card featuring four ISKA title fights (Jr. Division, FL state, US, and World). Approximately 17 of the matches featured the promoters students.

    The fight featured below was for the ISKA's amateur U.S. Light Welterweight Muay Thai Title. Fighting out of the red corner was Vivek Nakarmi of Falls Church, VA vs. Eric Parker of Tampa, FL.

    The bout was fought under modified rules Muay Thai. No elbows were permitted, and no knee strikes were allowed to the head either.

    ROUND 1:
    ROUND 2:
    ROUND 3:
    ROUND 4:
    ROUND 5:

    And here are all 5 Rounds taken from a different angle:

    19 fights...nice.



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