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Long time lurker, new member.

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    Long time lurker, new member.

    North Carolina. Jiu Jitsu and some TKD experience, anxious to contribute as soon as I have some footage that doesn't suck. Love your site guys.

    Welcome to the site.

    How long have you lurked?
    Shut the hell up and train.


      Welcome to bullshido, well, welcome to posthood. ah,well.... nevermind.

      Hello, and welcome.


        Welcome to Bullshido. Look forward to seeing any vids you have. In the meantime, just try to be a positive contributor to discussion. What styles of JJ and TKD have you trained?
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          Thanks guys, oh and I've lurked for a year or so, the Frank Dux article and your Youtube page led me here. When I was younger I did Aiki-Jujutsu forever until it was explained to me by a wrestler friend of mine that Aikido should translate to "inexplicable front flips". I decided to try something more 'Americanized' so I joined a McDojo TKD program my high school ran, got up to purple.

          Im joining the Navy, and I figured the best way to get in shape would be a combo of the gym, and the MMA school near me, 'American College of Martial Arts' ( Im not going till Thursday, but the guy sounds nice on the phone, I'll let you guys know how it went. And I'll definitely be posting progress on this new "fitness" thing Im gonna start trying...

          Actually, their DVDs dont really look promising:

          I think Im gonna do some more digging, see if anyones posted anything on them before I waste my time.



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