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    Some Advice, please?

    I'm a new member. I've joined the site to become more informed about picking a martial arts class for my 6 yr old son.

    There are lots of places near our home, but it gets confusing. I live in Michigan, and I'm looking for suggestions in the Commerce Twp, Novi, Farmington Hills, W Bloomfield, Waterford or Livonia area.

    My son has played hockey for 1.5 years, and really enjoys it. He has been begging for a martial arts class for 2+ years now. He loves that Airbender cartoon. (rolls eyes here) I have explained to him he will need to practice, pay attention, show good self control, and maintain excellent grades.

    I have been reading some of the past posts, and it would appear Judo might be best for him. I'm not choosing any "art" over another, it would appear that's what is suggested for younger kids.

    Neither of us cares about "belts". I'm just looking for a good basic program to get him started. He can choose his own path or discipline if he decides to continue.

    Can anyone make some suggestions for places to check out in my area?

    Thanks in advance for any and all help provided.

    Is there a local Forum that might have some suggestions?


      Hello Clownfish,

      Start with Judo, at his age and for the sport and self-defense value you can't go wrong with Judo.

      You say that he likes the Airbender stuff, so maybe he's interested in striking arts, so in a few years also shop around for a striking art, preferably one of the Kickboxing family: Kickboxing, Full-Contact (don't worry, it's just the name), Muay Thai, Savate or Sanshou/Sanda (which he'll maybe like more because it's Chinese, see Airbender Stuff).

      Also look around in his school if there's a Wrestling program.

      Hope that this gives you some direction.


        Thank you Zendokan, I appreciate it. I was looking for kung fu classes before I read a bunch of stickies here, suggesting judo, as opposed to "striking". I hadn't thought about it being tramatic for a child, but what others had posted, did make sense. I'm glad you reinforced that decision.

        If anyone can suggest a few schools to check out, that would be great. There is a TON of them in my area, but I'm thinking many of them are the "Mc Dojo" or "Mc Bozo" it's been suggested that we try to avoid.

        There was a young boy in my area who was sexually molested by his instructor. It was a big eye-opener, because this instructor had NO criminal history, and the man who owned the dojo was a police officer. It was a very sorry sad thing to happen. It is believed are more victims that haven't been discovered yet :(

        It makes it difficult as a parent, with NO knowledge, to try and pick a school, and a program of study.


          You should check out the Livonia Judo Club if it's close enough:

          Or at least call them up, they will be able to help you find Judo closer to you if they aren't a good fit.


            For Judo: ask if they are connected to one of the three recongnized Judo organisations
            United States of America
            In the United States, there are three national organizations, all of which are recognised by the IJF. One is United States Judo, Incorporated (USJI) — also known as USA Judo. USJI has state organizations that host state tournaments and other judo-related activities. As a member of the United States Olympic Committee, USJI is the national governing body for judo in the United States.
            The other national organizations are the United States Judo Federation (USJF) and the United States Judo Association (USJA).
            Each national organization in the USA has its own promotion requirements. USJF and USJA are founding members of USA Judo, and members often have dual membership.
            For Wrestling: see the schools that he's attending or will be attending in the future.

            For Kickboxing styles: post some links to websites and maybe another member can give you some advice. I live in Europe, so I don't have first hand experience with clubs in Michigan.


              Thanks, folks. The advice for new people looking for a school was very helpful. Places that I would have considered just a week ago, are now crossed off my list. Let me know if you agree.

              Off the List:

              Bunch of little kids all wearing black belts...

              More little kids wearing black belts, in a "Little Ninja" class...

              There's 5 of these within 15 minutes. Mc Dojo?

              Going to take a look at this one and the suggested Livonia Judo.



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