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Tom Kier has been in over 500 street fights and never lost a single one

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    Originally posted by newbie1 View Post
    I lol @ that being his point

    "I have been beaten countless times in the ring with rules, but real life is different"

    it's just so funny but it's like he doesn't realize it
    Most people who use this argument don't realize that the majority of real life street fights are shit fests featuring drunk untrained incompetent nincompoops.

    Being a 350 pound dude winning street fights and bouncing is like a 7 foot tall guy winning a dunking contest against midgets.


      I just find it remarkable that on teh st33tz, he's 500-0, but as soon as a pesky dispassionate third party is around to judge the outcome, he loses matches wholesale. Odd coincidence.


        Originally posted by soldiermedic25 View Post
        So by saying that he's not counting the sport fights as real fights, does he hope no one ever bothers to check up on them?
        Yes because if you count every event I probably have swam over a thousand races. My only close to verifiable proof, that my parents kept, would be the 500+ ribbons I won when I was little.


          If he's counting struggles on the toilet...perhaps he has that many "fights".
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            There are a few newer posters here, who are Sayoc people - hopefully they wouldn't mind sharing their impressions on this thread.



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