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    Hi all,

    I'm just posting to get rid of the dirty lurker heading while browsing this awesome site. Lots of interesting information here.

    Practicing Wing Chun for all of 6 weeks now.


    Dead Money

    Welcome to Bullshido. Good luck. You'll get a lot of ribbing for the chun but rest assured, its almost always good natured.


      Welcome Dead Money. I'm also a fellow noob to the site and a admitted lurker.

      As for the WC, I too was drawn to its alure. I practiced it diligently for 8 months until I did some soul searching and realized it was ultimately not for me. It was great fun, but then so is capoeira.


        Hey guy.

        Chun sucks blah blah go do Judo blah blah blah

        Don't worry about using Times as a font. It looks funny when you're reading in a sea of Arial. (I think it's Arial. Shit, I dunno.)


          Welcome, Dead Money.
          Does your WC school do any significant sparring? I mean real sparring, not slap and tickle ..
          Just curious.


            Hi all, thanks for the welcome

            helmutlvx - I hadn't realised using Word to spell check had changed my font, it does look a bit strange huh?

            Hi Ozz - my school has sparring, I'm not sure if you would call it 'real sparring' or not. We do contact sparring at full speed, but not at full force - so with padded fists, mouthguards, etc, and pulled blows.

            I'm interested in full contact Lei Tai , but my school doesn't offer that at this point, so I might need to search around a little.

            soldiermedic25 - I'll try to cope with the ribbing! :)

            CaseyRyback - Part of the attraction of Wing Chun for me was that it includes both weapons training - which is fun (an important component of holding interest!), and is relatively non-threatening compared to say most MMA, Judo, etc. This allows my wife and I to train together - as she is uncomfortable with the idea of grappling.

            Dead Money



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