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    I think I know why the thread started misquoting...

    FinalLegion, when he splits a post in parts, he adds a quote with a poster's name and splits the rest of the post with quotes without the name but doesn't add an unquote to the one with poster's name in the end.

    So there's always an extra quote, and as people keep quoting the extra quote is credited with the previous poster's name, and it keeps going off...

    Like a chain reaction. Pretty cool, starts at post #137.

    I have way too much free time on my hands...


      Originally posted by W. Rabbit View Post
      Wow, can we all take a moment learn how to properly use the inline Quote feature so that you're not constantly incorrectly attributing quotes?

      Some of the idiots in the thread seemed to start making sense until I realized what they were quoted as saying was actually written by completely different, sense-making folks.
      yeah, you guys should do that.


        Bruce Lee would be slapping the shit out of you for using teeth the way you are sucking his dick.


          Originally posted by herbo1 View Post
          Youtube "Matt Thornton". Watch with wide eyed amazement as your entire concept of useful training is remodelled. Return here and thanks us. Do Judo.
          so this guy is suggesting that military commando arts are inferior to a sport martial art because he had some fat asses in camo come to his school and fail, oh christ....get fucked. Gents I've worked SOF support for 10+ years I've trained/cross trained numerous systems including krav maga with isreailes, Sambo with Russians, and a myriad of shit with CTPT, Jordanians, pesh merga, etc...BJJ can work, not saying it shit...but it isnt geared for multi attacker, its a sport at its inception with SOME potential combat applications, the way he shits on military arts makes me want to spear him in the trachea and see how much shit he talks...good god, believe this BS if ya want to. He served with and trained with who/where? theres a reason SOF leaves BJJ for conventional Army "combatives" and explores else and other...because it isnt enough. nuff said.



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