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    [QUOTE=MMAMickey;2555071]So, why does your style field say MMA?

    From the thread title there are only striking arts in your repetoire, and while MMA in itself has no strict art requirements, training a handful of arts separately and coining such a term is ultimately misleading.[/QUOTE

    There you go, its changed. I do a bit of rolling but probably not enough to satisfy the requirements, whatever they may be. I admit to not thinking too deep and hard about it when I picked MMA.. I primarily box and always prioritise that over grappling (because I enjoy it more) so you have inspired me to take the time to figure out how to change it, and there, it is done :) Sorry to mislead you.


      Originally posted by Dead Money View Post
      Don't care how you meant it, imma gonna take that as a compliment :)

      Actually, I'm losing weight, gaining fitness, and having fun - so far it's been money well spent! ;)

      Dead Money
      Well done DM, thats great! Stay at it, you'll keep getting returns year after year.

      Tonuzaba, mate, I plead ignorance. Why is Dead Money the best chunner name ever?


        Originally posted by paci-fist View Post
        ...Tonuzaba, mate, I plead ignorance. Why is Dead Money the best chunner name ever?
        DM seems to know what I meant. :-) We have about six thousand threads here that discuss in detail whether or not money spent on chun is money well spent. It's up to the individual, at the end of the day.

        About the MMA style field - like MMAMickey said there's no set of requirements except for training to be efficient standing up and on the ground. Any combination of qualified instruction in realistic standup and grappling arts can make you a mixed martial artist, whereas any combination of shitty fantasy arts does not.

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        I got BULLSHIDO ON TV!!!

        "Bruce Lee sucks because I slammed my nuts with nunchucks trying to do that stupid shit back in the day. I still managed to have two kids. I forgive you Bruce.
        " - by Vorpal



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