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Gym recommendations for Oakland, CA

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    Gym recommendations for Oakland, CA

    Hi people, I'm a total noob to MA in general. Bored of my current sport hobby and want to try training in MMA type martial arts for health & fitness and some sport.

    I live in Oakland California and I'm just looking for some recommendations on some gyms in the area that are highly recommended by some of you experienced people, and of course any I should stay away from. I've done a lot of web research and have pretty much narrowed it down to these three local gyms:

    Oakland Karate & Kickboxing
    Pacific Ring Sports
    Modern Combatives

    Oakland Karate & Kickboxing is the closest to me and very reasonable cost (approx $90/month). Pacific Ring Sports is not much further away but is a bit pricey, however it looks like it has really experienced instructors. Modern Combatives looks high quality as well but it's the furthest away from me (would have to deal with crap rush hour traffic on 580 in evenings or BART), so they are kind of 3rd on my list unless anyone would tell me they'd be worth the extra time - the other two are literally 10-minute drives for me tops.

    Anyway, I'd really appreciate any general feedback on local gyms from Bay Area people and I thank you in advance.


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