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To OLD for BJJ or Kickboxing?

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    I'm 32 and have damaged the ligaments in both knees - hence why I had to give up karate. Fast forward 7 years (5 years if you take into consideration 3 months of karate before my knees gave again) and I'm currently doing kickboxing (for 3 months now) and while I still have problems every now and again, it hasn't really affected my training that much. Infact due to the no low stances, etc... pain wise, it's alot more tolerable than karate.

    Can't comment on BJJ as I haven't tried it.




      Good to see another middle ager here. 46 is the new 23.

      When will you be here (Oklahoma)?

      There are some good places in Tulsa. I'd like to recommend judo, but then again, it can be hard on the knees.


        UPDATE 2:
        Will be in tulsa around the beginning of April, and narrowed it down to two schools
        Triton and Team Norigeau, both seam outstanding and have visited both.

        Will brag about my uber white belt and how much weight I will lose later

        Thanks again for the great site and all the encouragement.



          Striking sports get more difficult with the years and the accumulation of injuries.

          I'm just 28, and I already notice how much my style has changed just in the last five years.

          As soon as you have to fight conservatively to stay healthy, it's not funny any more.


            I'm 47 and have ad to give up the heavy striking because my left wrist has developed a bubble of "leaked" joint fluid. It doesn't hurt at all, but it is a signal to start cutting down on the impact stuff. So now I just stick to recreational judo and BJJ.


              I'll be 39 in a couple weeks - I do Jiu Jitsu and boxing every week, plus some weight training and cardio.
              Tore my MCL a couple years ago and was diagnosed with cancer right at a year ago. I still out-grapple and out-box the vast majority of younger guys at the school. Plus the docs said my overall good health helped me recover from both issues well faster than someone out of shape.

              go for it.


                G'dday, as others have mentioned BJJ shouldn't be any issue at all. Kickboxing however could be an issue if you're not intelligent about it,esp with bad knees. Obviously you're not goin to be competitive (if you don't know that already then maybe don't even go down that path?), but you can still enjoy the shit outta it.

                Thing to about about your knees. To strengthen them you need to use them,they won't get stronger not using them,but if they're buggered for a different reason (alot of guys from the army get bum knees here from alot of pack type forced marches)then you need to get realistic advice from a trainer or doc. Kickboxing is ALL about power from the legs VIA the knees.There's alot of twisting and pivoting involved and you will wear your knees anyway and if you do it wrong you'll completely stuff them.

                Don't go at any of it balls 'n all. Build into it. You can cope with it but build up slowly and be sensible/ realistic about what to get out of it.

                Also GLUCOSAMINE!
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                  FWIW I'm 51 and I encourage you to find a style to train in and enjoy it for all the benefits you get from it. Naturally if your knees aren't working right you will have to find a style that doesn't aggravate them, but that shouldn't stop you from getting out there and doing some good training.


                    Originally posted by tao.jonez View Post
                    cancer right at a year ago.
                    Sorry to read that. Good Luck.


                      never too old mate, just go for it enjoy yourself
                      Originally posted by JJack View Post

                      Moving to Tulsa OK, 46 retired Army with a mix of Kali-TKD background and looking to start over into BJJ or Kickboxing

                      But 2 bad knees and OLD I was wondering you alls opinion on these arts at my age.

                      Thanks and Love your site.


                        I'm a 40 year old Army 11 bullet stopper vet right here brother.

                        Been at BJJ since 95.
                        Like the others have said, you're far from too old! You just need to take more time warming up and stretching after you warm up, thats all.

                        Well... then you need to apply treachery upon the young bucks that come your way using youth and skill in their game. :D


                          Originally posted by Kintanon View Post
                          Yah, we had a guy in his late 50s start with us and he was doing great until he had an unrelated heart attack. like, seriously unrelated. He was eating dinner and BAM heartattack. Now his doctor won't let him train any more. So, yeah, not too old, but consult your doctor...
                          I also have a fellow judo student who suffered a heart attack, also outside of class. He's slowly coming back, he's not 100% but he's doing quite well.


                            We had a priest in his 60s training at my gym. I think you'll be fine.



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