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    MMA Gyms in NE OK/NW AR

    So for various reasons I'm in the market for a place that teaches sub grappling.

    It's looking like my best bet is going to be looking for a gym in northwest Arkansas until I move to Tahlequah to go back to college so I can start heading further west into the state for training.

    So it looks like the places with grappling in the area are (note I am sending emails to them I am just hoping some of you have further info on these guys):

    Malmo Martial Arts - Looks like their main focus is on their silat though. Also, their instructor page doesn't list who teaches the sambo and shoot wrestling. Does anyone (SamboSteve, maybe?) know where they get those credentials?

    Inferno MMA - These guys list their credentials but no prices and the policies page includes references to sparring sets which I hope doesn't mean they have a specific one you need as I already own a ton of equipment. Anyone on here have any experience with them?

    TCB Fight Team - The head coach looks to be a legitimate boxing coach but the only instructor with a listed rank in BJJ is a blue belt. Another coach has it in his styles and says he's an Affiliated Coach with SBGi but doesn't list his rank and then there's the guy who is listed as a 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu and Krav Maga instructor. Anyone have any experience with this gym?

    Their used to be a really highly recommended gym called The Pit that was out of a guy's home but it closed down.

    Does anyone know of anywhere else in the Fayetteville/Springdale/Rogers/Bentonville area that teaches grappling and MMA classes?

    well, the obvious answer is to go check them out. i briefly trained at TCB and i don't train at all anymore. Steve Gourley may only be a blue in BJJ but he's pretty well rounded and been training for a LONG time.

    McFann's in Fayetteville also teaches grappling.

    i'm not sure you're going to find any real-deal BJJ guys around here if that's all you're looking for.


      also, fwiw, there's a decent judo club that meets at the Jones Center in Springdale. they are solely geared towards tournament style instruction but train hard. i think they charge $25/ month just to rent the space.


        A few of my friends train with inferno and really like the BJJ program there.
        I believe the charge is $90 a month.

        I've also heard some good things about the grappling instructor at TCB Fight Factory, I believe Gourley's main background is in JJJ and Judo.


          My daughter trains at Inferno. The guys there are really good. There head instructor is a purple belt, but they are constantly having guest instructors from Brazil as well as elsewhere. As for the gear they offer gi and no-gi grappling. They do require you to purchase there uniforms for no gi that would be fight shorts and a t-shirt. Fro gi grappling you might be able to talk them into just getting the patches. Inferno does offer free passes, so you should definitely try them.



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