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I was just helping in MABS and a derail happened

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    Originally posted by dig420 View Post
    lol I have no sand in my vagina. I laughed at the idea that the cull was because of a two post derail and pointed out that I could find ten page long derails in ten seconds, and that he was actually butthurt because he detected a KF insult. KF guy went crazy and here we are :) It really ISN'T that hard. And I know I'm right because it's all still there in black and white, but I'm the outsider so I guess I'm the bad guy by default.

    Now go ahead and do your three paragraph post letting IiF know that you all love him and hate me to little pieces. I'm gonna take a shower and head to the office.
    Yeah, you're the outsider that keeps pointing out how long you have been here as some sort of appeal to authority.

    Truth is, you've probably spent the last 6-7 years growing enough pubic hair to be able to say you play teh ghey, which you did at the time you thought was most opportune, in the middle of a thread in which people are sharply focused on other, more relevant, things.

    You then projected your feelings of inadequacy by attacking not some newbie poster but a mod, and expect to not get pounded into oblivion? Even if the first KF insult was perceived only by IiF, you have proceeded to attempt to open and salt the wound nearly every post after that. Which means that you have no intention of making amends or playing nicely, you just want everyone to know how special you are.

    Well, guess what? We think you are special. So special, in fact, that IiF created this thread just for you. It's a beautiful day...

    (edit) I just figured out that this would be a lot funnier if the Forrest G. he rolls with was actually named Gump.
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    Consider for a moment that there is no meme about brown-haired, brown-eyed step children.


      If i remember correctly, IiF has culled himself before for being off topic in a MABS thread. just saying.



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