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hello from the netherlands

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    hello from the netherlands

    Hello everyone,

    just wanted to introduce myself to you all,
    I'm boneless have been involved with MA for about 10 years mainly budo (kyokushin) and about 5 years of MMA/wrestling.

    Used to be a part off the infamous nintaijutsu clan on youtube :)
    but stopped after a reallity check and started teaching MMA myself
    in my hometown.

    thats about it.
    Looking forward to posting and reading in the forum!

    Welkom, fellow dutchman!

    Where in the Netherlands do you teach?


      In ermelo in an old judoschool


        Re: hello from the netherlands

        OMG, Rzero is from Limburgostan, Lebell from zeh Vvest, you from the Biblebelt, am I the only normal, SANE, Dutchman here?

        Anyway: welcome on the forum. Enjoy your stay and never taint the blason of our Dutch reputation on the forums here (if you wanna know what it entails watch Lebell).

        Why in heaven's name btw, did you join up with the nintaijutsu clan on youtube, when your background is KK?


          Re: hello from the netherlands

          Silence, northerner! Our fruitpies, epic beer and soft spoken 'g' have raised us far above the common tribes of the Netherlands.

          Luckily your astute question has saved you from my southern wrath :)

          Seriously, nintaijutsu?

          Click image for larger version

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            Re: hello from the netherlands

            OUR cattle/cows have conquered the world!

            The Belgians make much better beer than you. You still honour Alva with that beer, f-ing traitors. The Belgians didn't even bother negotiating about Limburg in 1839.

            Face it, you guys are the not too promising prospect of the Palestinian fate: after a few centuries, they'll be used to, no: liking, their occupation by a superior Nation :P

            OP: please elaborate on nintaijutsu :D
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              Re: hello from the netherlands

              Originally posted by Moenstah
              You still honour Alva with that beer, f-ing traitors. The Belgians didn't even bother negotiating about Limburg in 1839.
              Misinformerd northerner is misinformed. Alfa used to be called Meens. Also, belgians are stupid.

              OP: Your school has a website?


                Well to be honest i got in through a guy named DTGtaihojutsu.
                great guy with a lot of skill he said i should join,
                i checked choson page for a while (didn't know him yet) and thought he was allright.
                i didn't know anything about ninjutsu aside from early 1970 ninja movies
                and he did had lots of subs.
                so i got in contact with the guy and he said i would be announced on his page
                and the only thing i had to do was make videos in his name (nintaijutsu)

                Got to hand it to him pretty smart advertising,
                But i was only in it for more subs and views (everyone wants to be famous right:)

                So i was announced got about 50 subs in total a half a year of ninja bullshit

                Now that i have left from it is a silly nintaijutsu t shirt :P

                Ps i'm currently working on a website that will be up in about 6 to 8 weeks


                  You call that good?


                  0:36 can't throw

                  0:50 locks suck

                  1:00 baton twirling!
                  1:09 more baton twirling!

                  I'm not hating you for it, we all have our weak moments :D



                    Probeer alsjeblieft niet met je MMA klas handschoenen direct aan te trekken. Dat is de grootste fout dat mma scholen hier doen. Allemaal nieuwelingen die niets kunnen qua of striking of grappling, handschoenen aandoen en dan maar crappelen.

                    Dat is vet kut voor diegene die wel wat willen leren en je leerlingen blijven ontzettend achter. Een deel grappling, een deel striking. Als ze iets kunnen (slaan of grapplen) dan kun je het combineren, maar laat ze niet met alles tegelijkertijd beginnen want je krijg heel slecht vanaf je knieen rossen waar niemand wat aan heeft en niemand kan daardoor leren grappelen.

                    Maarja, wie ben ik.


                      Nu weet ik niet of je nu bedoelt dat ik een statement probeer te maken door aan te kondigen
                      dat een mma schooltje heb,
                      Of dat je denkt dat ik op die manier les geef door alles door elkaar te doen,

                      Ik beantwoord ze alletwee wel,
                      Ten eerste ik probeer niet cool te doen sterker nog mijn school is nog geen jaar oud en loopt ook niet geweldig ik kondig gewoon aan wat ik doe in m'n vrije tijd.

                      Ten tweede als je bedoelt dat het niet verstandig is om direct MMA les te geven,
                      dan oordeel je te snel ik geef twee ker in de week les, elke dinsdag is er worstelen
                      en op de donderdag geef ik MMA waar de nadruk light op staand en werpen,

                      En op het moment ben ik bezig om ook een uurtje kickboksen toe te voegen,
                      dus als het op te snel beginnen aankomt kan je dat ook wel schrappen.
                      Mijn leerlingen krijgen een redelijk compleet pakket

                      Mijn excuus als ik je post verkeerd begrepen heb,
                      Of als mijn eerder uitleg voor verwarring heeft gezorgt.


                        Originally posted by Moenstah View Post
                        You call that good?


                        0:36 can't throw

                        0:50 locks suck

                        1:00 baton twirling!
                        1:09 more baton twirling!

                        I'm not hating you for it, we all have our weak moments :D
                        No offense taken :) his skill is open to debate yes but he defenently is the best the whole nintaijutsu thing had to offer.
                        his videos are very clear and no nonsense or mystic ninja gallon of blood punches.
                        the rest where either brainwashed anime/cosplay fans or people living in a fantasy world.
                        only few actually had some skill (not saying i was the greatest or anything)

                        You could call it a weak moment yes,
                        but with my meds (sketisism enhancing drugs) i feel lots better :P


                          Seperate classes focusing in different aspects, Good.

                          'mma' for beginners, bad, because they have no 'martial arts' to 'mix'.

                          I also just watched The DTGtaihojutsu mix video hope that isn't your instructor!!


                            Please tell us the story of your reality check. I promise we'll laugh with you, not at you.


                              Originally posted by Moenstah View Post
                              When will these people learn that fat people can't be Ninjas.



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