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BOYD'S BIRTHDAY BASH: Everyone's Invited!

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    BOYD'S BIRTHDAY BASH: Everyone's Invited!

    Esteemed Glorious member: Boyd will be having his 25th Birthday this coming January 22nd, 2011 and everyone's invited!

    So basically here's the deal, Boyd has had ONE HELL OF A YEAR and also we're like pretty much BFF's now on and off the internet as he calls me to tell me how terrible/awesome his life is, so I figured I should throw him a big birthday bash. Because you know, that's the kind of bro I am. Also, Boyd hasn't had a real birthday before so I figured now is a good time to have one.

    And since it is such a personal affair, I figured I should just invite the entire internet. So there you have it, internet, you are invited.

    Here's the facts:


    January 22nd, 2011

    That's just a few weeks from now.


    At this Italian Restaurant called Sunset Thai. Why? Because it was like the first thing on that didn't look like it was under federal investigation. Also it's in downtown so we can all park and walk to whatever shitty Bar we'll wander off to afterwards.

    7513 Sunset Blvd
    Hollywood, CA 90068
    Neighborhood: Hollywood
    (323) 883-1805

    We'll be under the reservation name of Boyd. I figure a good time to get to dinner would be 8:30. That'll give us enough time to eat and have dick measuring contests or whatever.

    That should be about it. We'll all meet there, i mean unless I know you personally, we'll be meeting at Boyd's place and going from there.

    One of the main attractions to this whole thing is meeting Boyd's Roommate, Chris.

    Chris is an awesome cautionary tale. Here is an example of him doing a stand up comedy routine:

    YouTube - Chris Calderon's stand up show #1

    This is not him being ironic. He genuinely thinks that this is hilarious and people relate to this shit. Also he has done things like sketched out dance moves he uses routinely. Or the fact that he puts that he did Karate on his Resume rather than the fact that he is an Army Combat Medic. Or my favorite personal failing of his: A child asked him about 9/11 and he told him that it was an accident. Yes, one of the most successful attacks on American Citizens in the history of our country will forever be known by this child this man tutors as an "accident."

    Chris is depressing as all hell and is great to be around because of how depressingly socially retarded he is. Really it is seriously going to be the best part of this entire event.


    Gifts are not required, but if you feel like bringing one, Boyd specifically requests that you bring him something relating to Mythological Creatures. Unicorn Cup, Megatron action figure, A bible, Dragon pewter figurine. You know, those kinds of things.

    RSVP here so I know if you're coming or not so I can give the place an estimate of who is coming. Later folks.

    I think I'll be there, + 1. Come on people, Boyd is cool. Go read the Not Without My Justice Saga and tell me you don't wanna go to this.


      I RSVP'd on facebook.
      I'm picturing you drooling onto the keyboard as you type, one eye rotating independent of the other as your hands mash the keys. - Sophist


        By the way, new venue for the birthday meetup. BJ's Brewhouse at 8:30

        LOOK AT IT.


          I'll raise a glass to him from across the pond.
          Ne Obliviscaris



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