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how to cancel ATA contract

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    how to cancel ATA contract

    I am not sure if i am posting in the right place so forgive me if i piss you off.

    From the ages of 5 to 15 I Participated in TKD. I liked it, i was good, i won state at New York and went to junior Olympics in Vegas in 99. I ended just after receiving my red belt. Now I'm in college and i have two little sisters.

    While i was away at school my mother signed one of my sisters up for TKD. She is 6 years old and she has fun. However its an ATA school. And I'm disgusted by the entire operation. I cant count how many times they spurted their sales pitches to try and sell us plastic weapons or books or other worthless crap. After watching 6 of their classes I figured it out. the "master" self promoted and is now teaching bullcrap. I found another school where my family lives at that is not associated with ATA, but rather the WTF, the same organization that I was part of.

    Unfortunately my mother has already paid the ATA fee of $1500 for 100 lessons. The contract that they made her sign seems watertight. We live in NC. dose anyone have any success or information on how to cancel the contract with ATA and receive at least some of the money that was paid.

    Your time and help is much appreciated.

    Thank you for the move, knew it would happen eventually.

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    Ok i did some reading in the forum and i have to back up my claims. So this is why i want to remove my sister from ATA and Place her in the WTF dojo.

    The master for the dojo is Grand Master Myong Sok Namkung Mayes.

    other instructors.

    This was my master.

    Sorry for the Double post i couldn't edit the original.
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      Did she already pay the full amount? Some places will let you buy out for a third.




          Yes she paid the full amount already. My sister has attended 12 of the 100 classes that the 1500 covers. Buying out for a third of the cost, thats something that i might be able to convince her into doing. I'll do soem research into it if you have info on previous occurrences of that happening it would be nice to know how it was done.

          thank you.


            Wow, I can't imagine paying $1500 up front for martial arts lessons.


              *none of this is legal advise
              Once you let go of money it is hard to get back period. That being said often times the threat of legal action may be just a big enough headache to make him prorate it. Contract or not going to court sucks for the small business person. A lot of contracts are not as iron clad or water tight as they seem. If you can come up with a reasonable argument that the services he is providing is not what was specified in the contract or discussed.
              good luck
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                Talk to them and exhaust all options first. Since they have the 1500 they may let it go or they may screw up her credit. Legal threats are tricky and may cause an equally big headache for your sister. The way serious job hire now, screwed up credit is worse than paying a 1/3 to be free and clear.


                  Tanks for all the help so far. I do understand that this is not legal advice. But its nice to have some feedback on some potential avenues for solving the problem.


                    This is just a thought... your sister is 6. You said she's having fun. Are you really sure it's worth the hassle? I mean, for you it would be important because you know what you're doing. But for her it's probably nothing more than some fun and exercise. And once she's gotten a taste for it, maybe fight the McDojos when she's old enough to notice?
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                      like taebo said, if she's so young just finish the 100 lessons and change to your preffered dojo


                        If you already paid then its not so much a contract as it is a service you've purchased. Just go with it. Its a kids karate class. If you want the teaching style changed, then try talking to the instructor.



                          At least that was my experience here in Charlotte; I signed up for the six month basic program and paid in advance to get the cash discount. A month in they tried to get me to upgrade to leadership program (they wanted $250 a month for a 19 guy o teach me life skills as well as the tae kwon do).

                          I told them I was going to wait until my six months were up and evaluate the program. At first they were cool then they started talking about it every class I came to and eventually I was the only one not in the leadership program and was forced to work on basic stuff in the corner while the rest of the class worked on advanced leadership stuff like crescent kicks.

                          Personally I would try to talk to the instructor about a partial refund and get out of there, but if she stays be prepared to pay more than the $1,500 already spent. Either way good luck. The school here in Charlotte has no problem getting students so they must be doing something some people like.


                            In the WTF they make you buy sparring gear and have testing fees of over 500$. Its a business. I understand that the standard belief is ZOMG ATA TEH EBIL, but ALL these guys upsell.


                              Originally posted by JordanT View Post
                              In the WTF they make you buy sparring gear and have testing fees of over 500$. Its a business. I understand that the standard belief is ZOMG ATA TEH EBIL, but ALL these guys upsell.
                              After speaking to the WTF instructors i was able to see that their program was more structured. They care more about the individual than the money that they are making. They are sanctioned by the kukiwon organization and they separate classes not only by color of belt but also by age, something that ATA dose not do. My sister is in a class with 3 other 6-7 year olds and 6 23-30 year olds some thing that i find ridiculous.

                              As for the gear the only things that you are encouraged to buy are items that come in direct contact with your skin, helmet, forearm and shin guards. as for the most expensive piece the vest that one is lend out during sparing matches.

                              At the moment my sister is having fun, an thats probably what i should be focusing on. My mother is going to try to make the best of the situation and switch over to the new school when it becomes feasible.

                              Thanks for all the help.



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