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Hello from London. Krav Maga on TV.

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    Hello from London. Krav Maga on TV.

    Hey Guys,

    Ive been presenting a dedicated KRAVMAGA instructional on TV here in London, shown in Italy and other places...I thought it be useful to a few to use the episodes as a learning tool as you can watch the first 5 episodes for free.

    Hope it proves to be of interest...



    Looks like good quality video,I dont know anything about Krav Maga itself.

    We have been doing allot of self defence stuff in BJJ recently so it will be quite interesting to watch these and compare.

    Good luck with your video.
    King without a crown



      Welcome, why are you're vids an 18 Cert? Is there loads of sex and violence in them lol.

      Maybe if other instructional Vids added random boobies in they would be more succesful.

      Anway Welcome the vids do look cool, I never tried Krav Maga, but they look proffesionaly done.


        Cool, thanks for sharing - I'll be checking this out when I get home:)


          Welcome to the forums! If you want to advertise your video, you might want to check out purchasing some ad space.


            welcome to bullshido, hope you stay.

            about to webpage you provided, with all respect, when i saw that 18+, all the colors and some photos and stuff (also the name) i thought its some themed porn movie or something.


              Warm welcome...Thanks Guys :)

              Ok...gotta answer a few Q's!!

              superangryfish......A few boobs never hurt anyone, unless youre touching boobs that you shouldnt be touching in which case, said boobs are very fking dangerous.

              Theyre Cert-18 as the DVD collection has some verrrrrry graphic fight scenes that makes everyone skew their faces and grimace. Blood, bricks, bottles, bats....etc.

              CrackFox....I might look into that. Cheers!

              Necroyunus......I'll be sure to wear a handlebar moustache with a 'wha-wha' sound track for my next box set....Hell!...There's already a cute chick with an afro, so I may as well.....(My Co-star will kick my balls when she reads this)

              I would appreciate you guys spreading the word on this. Martial art / self defence instructional vids are ALL soooo 2 dimentional an boring. Im hoping to raise the bar with this and take it mainstream..Well, thats the idea anyway!

              Hope it proved to be entertaining!



                Originally posted by KomieInvasion View Post

                unless youre touching boobs that you shouldnt be touching in which case, said boobs are very fking dangerous.

                Best kind of boobies IMO
                King without a crown



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