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    Introduce myself...

    Hey guys just wanted to introduce myself to the forum.

    My name is Edsel Aquino i live in Sydney Aus.

    I have been a student of martial arts for a couple of years.

    I started TKD and attained my black belt. After i had my first fight i realized i didn't know how to hold my hands up.

    I then moved onto wing chun and really thought that was the good stuff for a couple of years.

    Moved onto JKD and have been happy ever since.

    I'm interested in participating in TD that are going to be held in Sydney at some stage. I mainly joined for that reason.

    I had a 2 year injury that prevented me to train and have just recovered and have been training regularly again for the last 3 months.

    The no-nonsense approach of this website is fresh and interesting, which is why i have decided to join the forum.

    I look forward to participating whenever i can and hope i can train with you at some stage in the future.

    kindest regards

    9/10 for the post, i wish more introduction threads were so easy to read and comprehend.

    Welcome to bullshido, enjoy your stay, take up judo and boxing while applying JKD concepts to it and you will win your next street fight guaranteed or your teeth back.


      Welcome to bullshido. Hope you like your stay in here.


        Hi Honest_truth,

        Yeah i'm a big fan of boxing and judo and found that its integration into JKD is very beneficial. It just takes a little time before someone studying it at a school can make th emost of the arts available as there is quite alot of material to learn and levels tht must be attained before learning new material.




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