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    Real life use

    Originally posted by Mtripp View Post
    His writings seem to be taken from the Juko-Kai world.

    My question would be why a Korean Martial Art is using Japanese terms.

    Jute means "10 hands" and refers to a small metal baton which was the early version of the extending batons the Japanese Police use to this day.

    Combat Judo seems to be getting alot of play today, but there are darn few people who actually trained with people who learned it first hand, rather than thought the name sounded cool. Moreover, the legitimate Combat Judo people all did to Kodokan Judo, did Randori, and all were involved in Randori and Shiai.

    In short; he is full of crap.

    I briefly studied with Mike Blackwell about 13 years ago. I wish I would have kept it up but i got married and had to go work. I had a background in TKD but never felt that it was practical in real world applications. I met Mike Blackwell thru a family member who attended his church. Like i said i only studied under him briefly and I have not seen him since then. Today after googling him I cam e across this forum and his old church. I called him up and i was suprised to hear that he was still around. I am going back to train with him because what he tought me has kept me alive more than once. I am in law enforcement in the area and in a bad call you use what works to survive, well I have survived to see my children thanks to what and how he taught me. I thought that he had moved away you can only imagine how I feel today because I am going to train with him again. I admire those who train in any martial art for sport, competion or personal growth. I trained to survive and plan to do so again the best of luck and wishes to all of you in your endeavors.

    Is Ju-Te Ryu a Legit Judo/Goshinjutsu derivative? - No BS MMA and Martial Arts

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