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anyone know Joel Ledlow JKD in Oklahoma?

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    anyone know Joel Ledlow JKD in Oklahoma?

    Is anyone familiar with this JKD school in OKC? Joel Ledlow is an instructor under Jerry Poteet and claims to be teaching the one true JKD. The only other credentials I could find are a listing as a level 1 instructor for Sifu Ed Monaghan.

    Sorry, this is the wrong forum for this post. I'll be moving it to Newbietown so, introduce yourself after people answer your question.


      Roger that.


        I met Joel last weekend while waiting for my daughter's swimming class to begin. We had a ten to fifteen minute discussion about his curriculum.

        He was forthright in his answers to my questions about what he teaches in his kung fu and JKD classes.

        He's not interested in the politics of JKD.

        His kids classes do not spar. He sees it as a safety issue.

        He does offer a weeks free classes. While I have classes on those nights, I may pop in during the holiday break.

        I'll say my impression of him was that he's honest and teaching arts he believes are effective.


        Any particular reason for the inquiry? I ask this as, for personal reasons, I'm interested in the backgrounds of Oklahoma JKD students/instructors.


        Would have to question this one though:

        In 2007, Joel created a close quarters program for the US Army, which he then taught to soldiers being deployed to Iraq. The program, dubbed the "Quick 3", proved to be easy to learn, simple in its application, readily adaptable, and extremely effective. This same close quarters program is now being used to aid security personnel in the civilian world.
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          Anthracite, I ask because I've always been intrigued by JKD but as you probably know it is not well represented in the OKC metro. JKD comes in many flavors and IMHO many of them fall under my definition of "bullshido."

          However, I've inquired of Ledlow in a true spirit of objectivity. It seems your impression of him was a good one, although we still don't know anything about the effectiveness of his curriculum. I'm going to try to find a time to stop by. Please let us know if you learn anything more.


            And I agree those claims about the Army close quarters program seem dubious. He has a Youtube video of him working with some infantrymen. You can't draw conclusions from a 3 minute video but it left me wondering what the heck was going on and why he chose to post that particular segment. Didn't do much to sell me on his system.


              Joe, did you ever make it to one of Ledlow's classes? I'm still very curious. Hoping to make it over there in the near future.


                Sooner BJJ,

                I have not made it to one of his classes.

                I have made classes with another member here. If you're interested, he's in Edmond.

                Since you don't have enough posts to send / receive private messages, perhaps we can get one of the staff to get my contact information to you.

                Let me know if you're interested.


                  Hey, Joe. What style is your friend teaching in Edmond?



                    He was a student of the late Terry Gibson.


                      Originally posted by hungryjoe View Post
                      I'll say my impression of him was that he's honest and teaching arts he believes are effective.


                      I'm interested in the backgrounds of Oklahoma JKD students/instructors.

                      Sorry to resurrect an old thread. I came across it on a Google search, and thought I might be able to help if you were still wondering about Joel's background. For a time he was going to Combative Arts Academy in Los Angeles. He was one of the advanced students there, and an assistant to the teachers. I was a beginner student there, so I interacted with him a bit. I don't know anything about him now, especially if he's moved to Oklahoma, but I agree with the assessment that he's an honest person. As I recall, if my memory isn't screwed up, he would work as a bouncer when he was in LA. If that's right, I don't doubt he has practical ability. This was quite a few years ago, however.



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