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My First Punch (Saying Hi and Thanks)

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    My First Punch (Saying Hi and Thanks)

    First, I have to give a thank you to so many of the posters. The anecdotes, clarifications and humor have been a joy to read in this week of my lurking. Frankly, with all of the sheer awesomeness, I'm almost embarrassed to admit how I'm coming into martial arts. But, I want to start without an ego and I need to get this off my chest because I still don't really understand what happened.

    The first time I ever tried to punch was about a year ago. Before that, my experiences of fighting usually had someone attempting a shoryuken, a few shoves or a kamehameha.

    It's late at night and I'm heading home with two of my friends, let's go with Yeahman and Hatguy. We're walking on a side street to get to my friend's car when we happen to spot a car parked alone, lights off, with movement inside. As we're walking past, we all agree that this is a guy getting laid. Or a blowjob. It's dark, we can't really see. We have a few laughs over debating whether we should be happy for this guy or jealous.

    Well, car door opens. Out comes a guy storming towards us saying "What was that about a blowjob! You think that's funny!"

    He's about a lunging punch away from us before I get a good look at him. He's fully clothed (and in retrospect, none of us think there was anyone else in the car) but, kind of pathetic actually. Scrawny, shorter than all of us and doing a bit of a chest-puffed-out-in-your-face-monkey-dance.

    We try some to talk the guy down a bit, to no avail, he did not seem like he had a good night. At the same time my thinking was, I mean, someone willing to stand up to three random guys at night has to have a little secret badassery. So when he decides to approach me first and tries to grab my shirt, my mind goes blank.

    My right hand curls into a fist.

    My right arm goes back.

    And full force, I swing my arm forward aiming for his face.

    I feel like the main character in every movie I've seen where I get to knock out the antagonist in one haymaker punch.

    And then I miss.

    And my fist continues into the nice solid wall next to us.

    The fight doesn't progress much more than that. More bickering, Yeahman and Hatguy chase him off.

    For my troubles I end up with a splint for a minor hand fracture (two of the metacarpals I believe, I'm terrible with remembering anatomy) that I kept on for about a month (shorter than the recommended time as I recall, but again I was kind of embarrassed about telling the story of how I got it).

    That's the prologue to my martial arts experience. Part 1 of my story involves Wing Chun. I have a lot of respect for my teacher and partners but reservations about the system itself, so I'll leave that for another day.

    Right now, I'm really enjoying exploring all the ignorance I have.

    Though still trying to figure out how a good punch.

    welcome to bullshido Dopamine.

    you seem quite literate and somewhat educated. are you lost ?


      Do Boxing.




        Don't be ashamed of admitting you fight like a chump.

        Realising that is something many TMAers never manage, and thus never seek to fix.



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