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Hapkido or Weight Lifting

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    Hapkido or Weight Lifting


    I would ideally like to train three times a week in BJJ, but as there are no classes near me yet and my work schedule precludes me from making the class that is somewhat near me, I have been looking for an alternative.

    I have found a Hapkido class near me that runs twice a week that I could attend. I have no idea of the instructors heritage etc or if Hapkido is though of as a worthwhile martial art. I would be mainly taking it to improve my fitness and physique and for a fun hobby - all things I enjoyed about BJJ.

    So i'm looking for opinions on whether to go for the Hapkido or just focus on weight lifting until a BJJ class opens near me.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    PS - I do plan on going to the Hapkido class to see if I enjoy it, but it's not always easy to judge something on 1 or 2 classes.

    FYI - the instructor's name is Mark Gaitens and the class runs from Blantyre in Scotland (in case anyone knows/goes to the class and can provide any info)

    Hey Bob, I'm sure the mods will move this thread from the MABS forum as it doesn't really belong here. It should really be in Newbietown.

    I'll answer it anyway before it gets moved. I'm from nearer Edinburgh and I studied a style similar to Hapkido for up to the rank of 1st dahn, so hopefully my view is valuable to you.

    I don't know the specific club you are referring to, but in general hapkido doesn't get rated too highly around here due to a lack of resistive training. I also think you'd find the groundfighting element lacking if you're primary interest is BJJ.

    Local too you I'd suggest you try the Griphouse in Glasgow, I've been a couple of times for private lessons and they have a jiu jitsu program.

    I'd also suggest if the throwing aspect of hapkido interests you that you try Judo, that's what I'm doing now and I can't recommend it highly enough. It will give you a good mix of throwing and grappling. There's also a lot of good Judo the South of Scotland.

    Hope this helps.


      If you're stuck between the two, do the weights. If you can do judo and the weights, go for it. Try to find a place with good ne waza, and no YMCA hippie chi BS.


        Why limit yourself? Do both activities, they are both beneficial for your stated goals.


          Originally posted by MGM View Post
          Why limit yourself? Do both activities, they are both beneficial for your stated goals.
          This guy. Check out the hapkido too, just because you might enjoy it. I lucked out and found a TKD school near me that does medium/full contact sparring every class with punches to the face. I get to practice kickboxing against guys who do a whole bunch of different techniques; its really helping my higher kick defense and my mobility i think. I teach them a little groundwork for membership, basically.


            If you have trained in BJJ for any length of time, I would think that you will be disappointed with Hapkido which is usually compliant training drills. I would suggest that you locate a local Judo club if at all possible or just stick with the weights until a BJJ school opens in your area.


              do the weights.

              dont do hapkido.

              being in shape when you begin BJJ will only benefit your training.



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