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    Originally posted by OZZ View Post
    Doesn't sticking up for idiot acquaintances suck? It almost never works out good..
    well. it almost never works out well. i am the grammer ashkaNAZI.

    anyway, yeah, idiot friends are toxic. everybody does something stupid here and there and needs an advocate, but starting bar brawls or parking lot fights is a cut above douchebaggery that cannot be easily forgiven.

    Originally posted by RaiderFunk View Post
    you could have just said "crank it to 11"
    or OVER 9000, like all the cool interwebz peepul do.


      I see what you did there.


        We used to tease my one friend for being a pussy because any time it looked like shit was going to start up outside the bars, he would conveniently head off toward the hot dog stand..
        Mind you, he wouldn't START shit up and then go get a hot dog.He would just wander off if we started lipping with another group of guys.
        Does that mean WE were the idiot friends? *gasp*:eusa_sile
        I hated those fucking hot dogs.Gimme an gyros any day...


          yes, you and your crew were a "douche of that guys"



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