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Recloud Anquoe falso 27 year BJJ Lineage

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    I wouldn't be surprised if he was taught by Bruce Lee himself. Or even better, his ghost.
    Originally posted by Devil
    I think Battlefields and I had a spirited discussion once about who was the biggest narcissist. We both wanted the title but at the end of the day I had to concede defeat. Can't win 'em all.
    Originally posted by BackFistMonkey
    I <3 Battlefields...


      He needs to learn how to tell lies better:
      Dangerzone - Fight Night 4
      June 2, 2002
      Broadripple Place
      Fort Wayne, Indiana

      Ryan Porter Red Cloud Anquoe TKO 2 2:18
      So, we are to believe they held a sooper sekret event 4 days later?
      He was allowed to fight after a 2nd round TKO four days later?
      In 2002 when the same day MMA tier fighting was pretty much over?

      Name Red Cloud Anquoe
      Record 0 - 7 - 0 (Win - Loss - Draw)
      Losses 4 (T)KOs ( 57.14 %)
      3 Submissions ( 42.86 %)
      Loss Ben Fuimaono TKO IFC - Sturgis 2008 8/6/2008 1 0:10
      Loss Piet Wilhelm TKO ICS - Cage Rage 10/13/2007 1 0:55
      Loss Jimmy Johnson Submission (Punches) KOTC - Cyclone 11/11/2006 1 4:24
      Loss Mandela Kponou TKO (Punches) CZ 11 - Blood Brothers 6/25/2005 1 0:38
      Loss Mike McPherson Submission RR 2 - Rock and Rumble 2 8/16/2003 2 2:59
      Loss Blake Wilson Submission (Strikes) RR 1 - Rock and Rumble 1 4/26/2003 1 N/A
      Loss Ryan Porter TKO Dangerzone - Fight Night 4 6/2/2002 2 2:18


        Originally posted by It is Fake View Post
        He needs to learn how to tell lies better:

        So, we are to believe they held a sooper sekret event 4 days later?
        He was allowed to fight after a 2nd round TKO four days later?
        In 2002 when the same day MMA tier fighting was pretty much over?

        Yeah I would say that his fighting skills suck at this point:wanim


          Originally posted by DuckofDeath View Post
          There's a Bullshido thread with the title "In Search of the Mysterious Mauricio (Maurice) Sakata" that goes into great detail about Pereira.
          Make that "In Search of the Elusive Mauricio (Maurice) Sakata."


            Originally posted by hungryjoe View Post

            Another Oklahoma legend is born.

            I've yet to see anything on who his JKD training was under.

            Anyone have information on this point?
            He said it was under the late Guro Terry Gibson in Tulsa. I trained under two of his students and have friends that train under other students of his as well. I can ask if any of them remember him. He may have just been a one and out, though. There is a ton of misrepresentation done by this guy. It looks like a lot of lineage hopping and name dropping.


              Dudes, they teach BOOYAH BOXING how can they lose? Unlike regular boxing it focuses on : Booyah Boxing focuses on propper boxing technique, speed, power, footwork and head movement.


                Originally posted by Naszir View Post
                He said it was under the late Guro Terry Gibson in Tulsa.
                He also said he was introduced to BJJ through Terry Gibson.


                  Guro Gibson was a student of Guro Inosanto who was training with JJ Machado at the time.


                    According to one of my friends who was at Gibson's, he does remember him but Redcloud was nothing special as far as talent and he got passed up pretty quickly. Also a lot of the groundfighting stuff came from Marc McFann. There were a few bjj techniques but they were by no means considering themselves as a school teaching bjj.


                      Sonuva... another Oklahoma fraud? Christ a'mighty.

                      Looking through the threads, it looks like Piet, from Triton, thinks he's full of shit and actually fought him in a grudge match.

                      Piet's probably one of the best-respected teachers in Tulsa; Triton's got an amazing rep, and even the Mcdojos don't really talk shit about Piet. Hell, even the "Apollo's Karate" guys give props to Piet and Triton.

                      Guy is basically an idiot. No wonder he's gotta lie about his credentials.


                        Did you know if you put in Terry Gibson Jiu Jitsu in google this is the first result that comes up?

                        Yeah, I was researching Redcloud's lineage because I was going to do a gym review while I'm out of training with a sprained ankle but instead it looks like I'll be dropping BJJ from my style field, seeing as I apparently haven't been training it.

                        Well I guess while I'm here I should go ahead and clarfiy some stuff that's come up in this and other threads.

                        A: Melissa may have a hokey website and seem like she's not on the level either but she is a certified boxing coach with USA Boxing. In addition she trains boxers that win. There was a picture of Lacey posted early in one of the threads on one of the other sites. She just won her pro opener. I would love to find a copy of her amateur boxing record from California though.

                        On the website it lists her black belt in seidokan karate for which she has the rank certificate on the wall. She is also the one teaching the muay thai class but I have no idea if she is a certified kru or not (and have no idea how to find out).

                        B: The WCW belt. He did legitimately earn that belt in a Muay Chao Cherk fight held by the Native American League of the USMTA at the Sac & Fox Casino a couple of years ago. He has another belt from the same organization. They just look as fake as his credentials apparently really are.

                        C: He personally told me when he started teaching there in September that he was a 3rd degree black belt in BJJ (under Bas Rutten, who doesn't teach BJJ although they do at his gym so my suspicions were assuaged) and that he currently held a brown belt under Eddie Bravo and was working on getting his black.

                        Having seen Eddie's words on the subject and Redcloud's posts trying to defend himself I am understandably pretty damn angry. He posted (or let be posted) a new bio of him in the entrance to the gym just last week. I'll try to snap a picture of it Monday so there's at least something he can't just try to backpedal his way out of.

                        This does explain a few things such as why the only instructor certification he ever posted was a certificate from Dan Inosanto, one which I'm guessing from the content of the other threads doesn't actually authorize him to teach.

                        It also explains why details seem to change every time I see him show the same technique even just a minute or two apart. This particular thing has left me more confused than anything else when trying out a new technique.

                        The particularly cruddy thing around here is that he was by far my best shot at learning some real submission grappling. The only other place in town is the judo place I recently started attending which mostly focuses on pins. There's a legit gym in Muskogee but they charge $85 a month for Muay Thai and Luta Livre and they require a 1 year contract. This is bad news for me as this would both double my commute (which I could barely afford gas for as it was) and I would have to stay healthy enough to keep that up for a year, which I have yet to do.

                        There are some gyms in the Fayetteville/Springdale area of Arkansas which is as close to me as Tahlequah is but they don't even post their prices online. So, FML.

                        So, what would you guys do about this? I mean what's the appropriate response to finding out your instructor's a fraud?



                          Welcome to the site.

                          Please do try to get a photo of the new bio.

                          Here's another blast from the past regarding the USMTA's kru Ric Sniffen.



                            Despite the noob tag I've been a member of this site for a year and a half and was a lurker for a while before that. The only reason I missed this thread was that I was recovering from surgery and doped up on pain meds the first time it came around.

                            Off topic, when are we going to have some kind of Oklahoma throwdown or at least a meet and greet?

                            Holy crap. It looks like "Kru" Ric Sniffen is still the head of the Native American League of the USMTA (you'll have to click on "The Welcoming" as the link is in frames). I guess they just really don't care about frauds over there.
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