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    Thx and hello 1.1

    Hello everybody.

    I have been lurking on this forum for quite some while now and it has been kind of an eye opener - thus the thx in the title. In my martial arts endeavours i have come from

    judo - 1,5 years when i was around 8 years old

    BBT - 3 years, stopped about a year ago, have been quite illusionary about it - heck, i even went to France ( to the exact same dojo featured in the hilarious "Japan discovers french ninjas" video ) because my local instructors were really fond of the teacher there.. Touchless throws, silent kiais and armour-techniques without actual armour ... i've had my share...

    to (actual events)

    western boxing

    - just started like a week ago, after having moved to another town for work. Seems like a good place, teacher has a lot of creentials and is fairly friendly.
    The cardio was brutal at first, but a year without real exercise besides the Bas Rutten MMA Workout (i never managed to keep going the full 29 minutes) and quite recently some workout schedules from the excellent "Never gymless" from Ross Enamait left me not in the best shape possible.

    Besides from that i want to venture into Judo the next week, there are two clubs not far from where i live. One is the university club and the other is a club run by a national sports federation. While the University Club has a higher density in high graded black belts, the hours at the other club are generally better suited.
    I guess i will give both a try and stick with the place i like better in terms of atmosphere and percentage of ground and standing work.

    Currently i hope that with my new Job i will be able to attend 1 boxing lession (+ double end bag at home) and 2 judo lessons a week.

    Cheers, Q.



      Welcome to the forum. I'm also a fan of the Ross Enamait's stuff.



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