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    i was in judo one day, doing newaza, and a sankyu kept pwning me hardcore. however, he was feeding his ankle under my armpit when i went to pass guard, so i straight ankle locked him. i immediately felt bad about it. then i felt worse when everybody was all like "look, we know you're new to this and that's legal in BJJ, but you can't leg lock in judo."

    i felt like such a douche, but i never fessed up to doing it on purpose.

    here's the video of it happening.
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      During an amateur boxing match I started break dancing while the ref was giving me standing 8 count. I felt the need to emphasize the fact that I wasn't rocked.

      I immediately felt bad after my coach yelled "SPORTSMANSHIP!"


        A couple of years ago I was at a work related party out of state,& one problem with road crew is that they all think they are serious tough guys,& one of the lads was giving a friend grief about bjj.(For the record,my friend at the time was a striped up blue belt,& pretty damn competant.)
        His claim was that the judo he learnt years ago,but was still shithot at ???.would never give the other guy a chance to use his ground skills etc.
        Since I was drunk & didn't like the tool,I told him to put down the bong & show me,a little old white belt his awesomeness...not as politely though.

        He went to get his grips,I hit side clinch & bombed him very fucking hard with a switch knee,dropped him & told him
        " Now thats what I call a takedown" you stupid fuckwit.


          Once dislocated a TKD sandan's knee. He was a Korean kid about 65kgs. I was about 85kgs at the time. He kept mouthing off about how he could smash anyone in our club.

          He was a yellow belt and I was a green belt. I'd just finished getting bombed by a brown so I was kinda running at full speed anyway. But he'd pissed me off earlier so I taiotoshi'd him as well as I could. His knee clickeytclicked.

          He came back once a year later, and just avoided me. Didn't come back after that. Felt like an asshole. Still do.

          In my defence though, I'd just hit that spot in judo when you've got something that 'works'. But I didn't quite realise it yet, so I'd go hard nuts in desperation to pull something off and forget that I was against someone smaller than me.

          Still feel like an asshole


            lol @ the 44 lbs weight disparity. He had guts though, talking trash about an entire judo club when he weighs like 140lbs.


              Originally posted by dwkfym View Post
              lol @ the 44 lbs weight disparity. He had guts though, talking trash about an entire judo club when he weighs like 140lbs.
              It's a pretty small club, not overly competitive etc. so we didn't go too hard usually and so he might've thought we were soft.
              I actually left there and am doing BJJ now.

              But he kinda personified me when I was sixteen, except he was TKD and I was Chun, and I kinda want to smash myself when I was sixteen.


                Originally posted by Southpaw View Post
                Making people tap w/ knee on belly.

                Yes I'm an asshole.
                Man, the first time someone made me tap with that I got so pissed. I immediately told him he better show me a counter before he tried to use it again or I was gonna hate him forever. He showed me that ankle hook/knee push thing, I don't know what it's called but it works, or pushing it off & shrimping before he really gets you pinned down.
                We get along now....


                  confession: I'm strangely good at tomoenage & uki waza, I had a new guy who was a bit bigger than me & loved man-handling people, he kept pushing me around... & I baited him into a tomoenage that I really kicked off so he was pretty airborne & for some reason I didn't let go of his lapel but apparently pulled it. I think I was trying to use him to get a superior position after the throw but he almost dislocated his shoulder when he hit.
                  I did feel bad. But the throw execution was bad ass. Happy for me, sorry for him.


                    During sport jujutsu 'grappling'
                    Me: singing child's songs
                    guy: are you always doing that?
                    Me: no, only when it's really easy.

                    TKO-ing someone with ushiro geri, on the spleen (I thought proudly) then saw him clutching his balls. Bad Moenstah
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                      I'm usually pretty tame. The most I've done is armbarring a complete newbie without knowing he was so green he didn't know what tapping was.

                      Give me a few months, I'll rack you guys some assholeness.


                        7. Lined up my fight team and knocked them all out for not listening to me (Took 3 minutes for the entire team)
                        Good as the story for this was, I originally imagined Omega walking down the line, telling each person in turn why they were stupid, and then cold-cocking them.


                          After reading Omega's entry ... I consider myself a fucking saint.


                            Wow! The worst I've done is to keep rapping the knuckles on a guy who claimed his years of fencing outclassed everything Guro was teaching in class. He'd swing,I'd counter & whack his lead hand. Guy never came back......


                              One thing that really annoys me is when people have conversations while training. As I've explained, I'm the only one who gets to talk during training unless they have a question. The kids class is really bad about that, wandering around the tatami blah blah blahing about nothing when they are supposed to be doing Judo.

                              We had a neighboor club over for a joint training session two weeks ago, and everybody is talking, like it's some kind of sewing circle, not a serious training session, which is what it was supposed to be (all explained beforehand). I don't manhandle kids, so my "mean sensei" voice had to do for them.

                              I was doing randori with a very competitive female sankyu, weighs all of -48 kg. She is tough, ex military, and was there to randori with me and my senior class students. So we did randori. Except she kept talking, making comments, etc. So our third round, the kids all start talking, I stop the whole session, and use my mean sensei voice to basically tell everyone to shut up and train.

                              So miss sankyu and I go at it again, and she is talking. So I go off on her and tell her to STFU and train, then I start singing "blah blah blah blah, some people want to talk not train", blah, blah blah, literally, then I footsweep her so fast her eyeballs nearly pop out of her head and end up in juji gatame. Then did the same thing again, and again, and again and again, for a long time. All in front of her sensei.

                              Did not hurt her, but she did STFU finally.


                                Originally posted by BKR View Post
                                One thing that really annoys me is when people have conversations while training.
                                That's what my sensei would say to me in the kyu grades. I now use it myself. I later learned that that was what our Founder used to say.

                                Now when training with a higher Dan Grade, he often says to me "Come on! Stop Talking! You should be Training!".

                                He's right.

                                I think the return of my poor habit is 'cos when I was training with someone else, they often starting talking. I used to be puzzled why my Gi was dry instead of drenched.

                                Training with the higher grade above. My Gi is now drenched again. So it should be;-)



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