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    Joe Saladino

    I came across Joe Saladino's ukemi dvd on Amazon. It was titled "Rolls and Falls". I have never heard of him so I did a google search and came up with Jui Joe Jitsu.

    The web site has all the trappings of _________. There are the "Hall of Fame" awards. The pictures with various famous martial artists. Links to many of his products... .

    I don't want to discredit the guy for making a buck but calling his art Jui Joe Jitsu is a little much. Rolls and Falls (Self Defense and Martial Arts Inc. Series): Mr. Joseph Saladino: Movies & TV

    The two reviews are by the same person and are obviously done to sell the product. Does anyone have any other information on Jui Joe Jitsu or Joe Saladino.
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    I see a bit of a resemblance here.

    I smell lots of Bullshido emanating from this guy.

    It looks like Jesus Jitsu
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      Oh man, I gotta go watch some more of that Yeshua's Ryu shit now.

      You asshole.



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