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    New Newb in Forum

    What's up people, a new one coming to Bullshido. The only martial art that I am comfortable with is Taekwondo, however I am very willing to learn some new martial arts that is much more....effective against street attacks.

    You may find this man's publications of some interest. It is based on a North Korean style similar to Taekwondo, so it is of the same general family. It may be easier for you to absorb his method based upon your prior experience. Coming from a karate background, the material makes sense to me.

    I've actually had some correspondence with the author, Frank Pelny, and I've started to work through his material for my own purposes. The links on the left hand side of the page are to English translations of his original German material

    I would recommend the hardcover version of "Gjogsul: Militarischer Nahkampf in der NVA". The quality of the printing is better, and the content of the illustrations are therefore easier to discern. He has a Paypal account for a direct purchase, or you can do Amazon. The direct purchase may save you some money.

    The NVA is the German language abbreviation of the East German New People's Army. Mr. Pelny was an instructor in the East German Air Force parachute regiment (special forces/shock troops).

    In reading translated reviews from the German Amazon site (, there are people who love him, and people who disparage him. This is life, and in the martial arts there are lots of opinions that cut both ways over the same material. This isn't YMCA defense class material. This is straight forward combat technique, to include the spectrum of tools from hands and feet, to entrenching tools, to guns and bayonets. I have found Frank Pelny's work useful.

    Working against my suggestion may be your level of experience. I have 30 years of going through various documents to recover material, so working with manuals has now become like reading the newspaper. If you are still new to your journey in traditional military skills (martial arts), and need instruction to develop your foundational techniques and understanding, others in the forum may be able to guide your search better.

    Looking back, it took me many years to really get past the new stage. If that is where you are, just embrace it and be a good listener and a good student of others. Lots of people are willing to help someone with genuine interest who remains teachable.

    I hope you never get into a fight. Please do your best to learn de-escalation (reduce anger/tension) techniques and avoid conflict. It sounds unrealistic and utopian. But, even if you win a fight, you can still loose in court. Please don't run to trouble.



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